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Observing Skills

Observing Abell 2151: The Hercules Cluster

Jul 01 2009 10:38 AM | Guest in Observing Skills

The area in Hercules bordering Serpens Caput has always interested me due the remoteness of many of the visible galaxies in that area, many of which are members of the Hercules Supercluster over 500 million light years away.

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Jewels In Dark Settings, Two By Two

May 14 2009 07:46 AM | desertstars in Observing Skills

Spring is not a season that presents a lot of deep sky objects to the irregular chunk of sky I can see from my tree crowded back yard

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Three Evenings in December

Feb 19 2009 05:48 AM | desertstars in Observing Skills

On the 28th of December, 2008, I found myself checking the Clear Sky Chart and seeing nothing but deep blue squares for the next three days

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Jan 21 2009 01:44 AM | Glassthrower in Observing Skills

It was by chance that I acquired my first meteorite

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Astronomy for the Disabled

Dec 19 2008 05:03 AM | iancandler in Observing Skills

My name is Ian candler. I am 50 yrs old and for the last 9 + yrs have been disabled due to a bad back injury

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My Lunar Eclipse Experience

Mar 17 2008 02:25 AM | Chris Schroeder in Observing Skills

aboard the Caribbean Princess on February

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Beautiful Saturn

Feb 21 2008 02:07 AM | Guest in Observing Skills

Saturn, the jewel of our solar system, is best known for it’s spectacular rings and multitude of moons

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Observation Log on the Web

Nov 30 2007 02:14 AM | Oldfield So in Observing Skills

It's always nice to keep a log on your observations.

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Loons on the Lake (Binocular Observing Report)

Jul 23 2007 02:09 AM | EdZ in Observing Skills

The record of my binocular observing over recent vacation

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Beyond M42

Dec 21 2006 03:59 AM | ftodonoghue in Observing Skills

As we spend so much time studying Orion over the Winter, it will do no harm at all to mention a few of the other objects that are visible apart from M42, the Great Orion Nebula

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