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Observing Skills

Inside a Messier Marathon

May 05 2006 02:57 AM | Art Fritzson in Observing Skills

I decided to try my hand at a Messier Marathon this year - I'd never done one before and I've only been observing for a couple of years. If you haven't tried one, or if you have and want to compare it with your own

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Southern Globular Clusters for Binoculars

Apr 18 2006 01:49 AM | Magellanico in Observing Skills

The list below are my compilation of 16 years of observation under Brazilian dark skies

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Lunar Domes

Feb 24 2006 04:21 AM | Guest in Observing Skills

The Lunar domes and their Characteristics

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Star Hopping the Galaxies in Virgo-Coma

Feb 16 2006 07:20 AM | StarStuff1 in Observing Skills

A few days later I studied my charts some more and realized the answer was easier than it seemed. All of my targets could be located with simple star hopping. I took one of the charts and laid out 1-degree adjoining circles emanating from a central location

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A Dream Night in the Observatory (The Moon)

Feb 16 2006 07:16 AM | JimP in Observing Skills

I always enjoy getting to the observatory ahead of time. I like observing in the evening to early morning and, I like getting up early to observe as long as I have some significant observing time before dawn

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Suburban Deep Sky Observing & Sketching

Feb 16 2006 07:02 AM | JayKSC in Observing Skills

Today’s generation of amateur astronomers face numerous sources of difficulty and temptation. The convenience of being able to observe from one’s backyard is often overshadowed by the plague of light pollution

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Spring Double Star Tour

Feb 16 2006 06:47 AM | PJ Anway in Observing Skills

In the north woods, Spring comes much later than in most places, but it generally starts near the end of April. By then the only remaining evidence of winter are patches of snow left in the woods beneath the shade of thick evergreens. The smelt are beginning their yearly trek up stream, and it won't belong

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Seeing Sirius B

Feb 16 2006 06:42 AM | StarStuff1 in Observing Skills

It is twilight on a late March evening. The air is still and warm and clear. Overhead, the first “star” pops out. It is mighty Jupiter. In a

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Sierra Foothills Observing

Feb 16 2006 06:34 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Observing Skills

On Friday, 10 December, 1999, I drove to Mariposa, California, to spend a couple of nights observing at the private observatory of a friend, nearby in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I had with me both Harvey, my white Celestron

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Sierra Observing October 9-10, 1999

Feb 16 2006 06:30 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Observing Skills

Friday afternoon traffic leaving the San Francisco Bay area was dismaying: I snuck out of work, in Mountain View, at 3:30 PM on October 8, 1999, dodged over the east Bay hills as soon as possible, an nevertheless took three hours

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