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Optical Theory

Discovery vs. Zambuto Optical Shoot-out

Nov 25 2011 10:44 AM | Tim Neubert in Optical Theory

For this comparison we conclude that Carl Zambuto's seven criteria must be providing the extra contrast that was observed at the eyepiece.

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Stray Light Control in Newtonian Telescopes

Dec 08 2009 07:46 AM | MitchAlsup in Optical Theory

Control of stray light is very important in telescope design and construction. This article looks at many of the issues involved

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Fraunhofer Diffraction and It's Effects on Aperture Masks - A Primer

Sep 01 2009 07:15 AM | Chris Lord in Optical Theory

The Fraunhofer diffraction pattern produced by any particular aperture or obstruction placed across that aperture can be modelled using a Fourier Transformation

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Aperture Comparision

May 16 2009 05:24 AM | Guest in Optical Theory

Curious about how different designs compare as per aperture? Forum member Jared Willson shares his thoughts...

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Diffraction Limted Optics

Jul 19 2006 09:12 AM | Cary in Optical Theory

I continually see statements of “diffraction limited optics” in the industry and this generates an astounding amount of discussion to exactly what this is and what it means.

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Venus Phase Naked Eye Experiment

Mar 10 2006 03:09 AM | Darren Drake in Optical Theory

In the realm of naked eye astronomy it has always been considered one of the greatest challenges to view the crescent phase of Venus

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Telescopes and Resolution

Jan 25 2006 01:54 AM | Darren Drake in Optical Theory

I have been an amateur astronomer for about 30 years and have owned many telescopes

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Eyepiece Qualities and Aberrations

Jan 09 2006 02:19 AM | Starman1 in Optical Theory

In today's eyepiece market, there is a lot of confusion about eyepiece characteristics and problems.

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Diagonals; Prisms vs. Mirrors

Mar 12 2005 11:44 AM | Guest in Optical Theory

Neither mirror nor prism are better. If you notice, every manufacturer of quality scopes with fast focal ratios uses mirror diagonals. Every manufacturer that sells quality scopes with long focal ratios sells prism diagonals. It’s not an accident. You get the diagonal that matches the scope.

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