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Cloudy Nights Refractor Review Contest

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Refractors! Refractors! Refractors!

Announcing the Cloudy Nights refractor review contest. From now until Dec. 31st we will be having a contest to see who can compose the best refractor review. Judging will be based on quality of information and readability.

The deadline has passed. Entries are no longer being accepted.
You cannot re-submit a review that is already published on Cloudy Nights for consideration in the competition. (We welcome reviews about manufacturers/models that already exist on Cloudy Nights... but you cannot use one of your reviews that is currently published on Cloudy Nights).

The review must be about a refractor (all refractors are fair game). However, it must be a review and not just a story/article.

Feel free to submit as many reviews as you would like.

1st Prize: Astronomy Technologies AT80 Refractor, and 2" Dielectric Diagonal
2nd Prize: Astronomy Technologies 2" Dielectric Diagonal with a Meade 36mm QX eyepiece
3rd Prize: Astronomy Technologies 1 1/4" Dielectric Diagonal with a Meade 15mm QX eyepiece
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Brent Oliver Orion 120mm f/8.3 Refractor
Blair Slayton Celestron C80ED vs Orion's 102mm Maksutov
Mike B. WO Megrez 80 SD II & Icarus Mount
Larry Thaxton D&G 8" F/12 Refractor
John Zimmerman Orion 120ST Short Tube Refractor
Nick Witte-Vermeulen TMB 130 with CNC Tube
Gilfester F. Orion Skyview Pro 100
Peter Hansen Celestron C80ED
Bill Faatz Antares 150mm f/6.5 Achromat
Ross Salomone Stellarvue 152mm APO
Jay Michaels Celestron's C6-RGT
Harvey Gryttenholm TMB 130 f/9.25 in Custom Tube
Thomas Jones Meade AR-5 Refractor
Mauro Da Lio Borg 76 ED
Don Yacco Takahashi TOA-130 APO
Pernel Johnson Vixen ED103SWT
William Paul TravelStar 11" f/5
Steve Myatt Meade LXD75 AR-5
Scott Manley Orion Skyview Pro 100
Aaron McNeely TV 76 & TV Pronto
William Drelling Takahashi FSQ 106
R.J. Waldman ZenithStar 66 ED APO
Rob Nichols Orion ST80 & Stellarvue Nighthawk
Fiske Miles Mini Borg 60ED as a Finder
Joe Bergeron Astro-Physics Stowawa APO
Brian DeRidder Vixen 80SSwt
Jeffrey Bout Skylux 70mm f/10 Refractor
Blair Slayton Vixen A80M Refractor
Jeff Kramer TEC 140 APO
Lawrence Carlino Borg 101 Refractor
Justin M. Dildine Orion 90mm AstroView
Oldfield So Tele Vue Ranger
Gerry Smerchanski Antares 127mm Semi ED vs Meade AR 5
Joe Silverman Tele Vue 85
Stanley Yen Konus 70mm vs Ranger 70mm
Preston Smith Stellarvue F50 Finderscope
Andrea Langermann GPU 127/1200 Triplet
Jay Piper Stellarvue 80mm F/6
Rodney Heenan Orion ED80
Phillip Jones Stellarvue 80 Triplet APO
Roger Vine Takahashi FS128
Richard Perella Borg 100ED Refractor
Simon Chung Borg 76ED Refractor
Keith Gordon Tasco Model 10E
Timm Bottoni William Optics Megrez 80mm II SD Package
CHAUVEAU Mathieu William Optics ZenithStar 66ED


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