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NEAF 2011 - Photos from Astronomics and Cloudy Nights

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The 2011 Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) sponsored by the Rockland Astronomy Club had it's 20th anniversary this year. It is held annually at the Rockland Community College in Suffern, New York. Astronomics and Cloudy Nights were in attendance for the fourth consecutive year. As usual, Astronomics brought a ton of product and Cloudy Nights held a live webcast.

Astronomics is lucky to have many great CNers in attendance to help un-pack and setup for the show.

After several hours of setup, the Astronomics floor was finally ready for exhibition.

Cloudy Nights was also setup and had several moderators and members in attendance to help with the live webcast

An evening of brief sleep and then back to Rockland Community College for the opening of NEAF 2011. Astronomics was glad to have many people stop by and take advantage of their great deals during NEAF.

Cloudy Nights was also ready to begin their live webcast.

Tom Trusock interviewing Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin (Meteorite Men).

I was lucky enough to get a couple of pictures with Steve and Geoff. They're really personable guys.

Tom Trusock interviewing Don Yeirer from Vernon Scope.

Tom Trusock interviewing Don Buandurick from Questar

Tom Trusock interviewing Scott Horstman from Backyard Observatories.

One of the highlights of the Cloudy Nights webcast was probably Tom's impromptu interview with Herb York from Astromart and Anacortes.

In appreciation of all the Cloudy Nights members coming to NEAF to help with Astronomics and Cloudy Nights... Mike Bieler of Astronomics took them all to dinner at the Airmont Diner in Suffern, NY.

NEAF 2011 was a great experience... lots of friends and LOTS of astronomy equipment. We can't wait until next year.

Mike Loffland


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