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William Optics Star 71 Astrograph First Impressions

Aug 16 2014 03:05 PM | rford322 in Telescope Articles

My first impression is excellent.  The WO Star 71 has a wide, well illuminated, flat field of view, exactly what I was looking for. 

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How To Avoid The Agony When Buying Your First Telescope

Dec 21 2013 06:33 AM | RealSorin in Telescope Articles

Buying your first telescope can quickly become a daunting task when faced with so many choices and unfamiliar terms. Hopefully this article simplifies the process a bit for you.

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The South Cave Collimator System

Dec 17 2009 09:31 AM | peter clark in Telescope Articles

The story starts back in April 2006 when the black plastic front cover of my 8” Wise Newtonian telescope had developed a crack, so I

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A Super Altazimuth Mount

Dec 11 2009 06:42 AM | Rkw150 in Telescope Articles

Leonard, who has won several merit awards at Riverside Telescope Makers Convention, offered to build me the mount a little over a year ago

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Keep On Buying

Dec 09 2009 08:07 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

I've had seven telescopes so far, and by far the absolute best with ease of operation, quick mounting , perfectly clear and bright optics was the Celestron CPC1100

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My Telescopes

Dec 08 2009 08:36 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

I've owned everything from a forl mounted C-14 with a 5 & 8" Celestron Schmidt Camera mounted on top, to a C-90 spotting scope

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My "First Telescope": the Great Lick Refractor

Sep 18 2009 05:10 AM | mwedel in Telescope Articles

When I was 12, a friend brought a telescope catalog to school. It was from Celestron. It was the first time I'd ever heard of a Schmidt-Cassegrain. I borrowed it, kept it for a couple of weeks, read it cover to cover until I had large swaths of it memorized.

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A New Refractor Concept: "The Wall Hypochromatic Refractor"

Sep 01 2009 06:24 AM | Crayfordjon in Telescope Articles

During research into retrofocally corrected refractor systems, I noted an effect during experiments with an optical bench cum telescope apparatus, that is, when the correcting flint element was removed from the train, the image recovery lenses still formed a back focus image which was smaller but seemed well corrected for colour, in fact it was a better correction than was being had with the flint lens in situ for that particular array

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Broke Back Solutions

Aug 26 2009 06:39 AM | tomharri in Telescope Articles

I'm old, weak and broken. Here is my solution to easy portability

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My Telescope Building Adventure Continues

Nov 07 2008 01:46 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

First, I would like to thank Cloudy Nights for offering to post my musings on telescope building on their excellent website

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