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A Case for GOTO

Sep 26 2007 03:52 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

A case for GOTO

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Method to Improve Tracking of Celestron NexStar

Aug 30 2007 02:45 AM | Tel in Telescope Articles

A New Method to Improve the Tracking of Celestron Nexstar

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20" Dob Survival Story

Aug 23 2007 01:36 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

Raging Wind: A 20" Obsession Survival Story

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What Size Solid tube Dob Should You Buy?

Dec 02 2005 08:07 AM | ForgottenMObject in Telescope Articles

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked by new astronomers (right after: which first telescope should I get?) is: which of the solid tube Dobs should I get?

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Colorful Double Stars for the ST80

Sep 20 2005 06:40 AM | Blair in Telescope Articles

The first on this list is Albireo (3.1,5.1) in Cygnus. I like this nice double at about 12X. I find the separation a bit much at about 25X to 30X which is the lowest power of many refractors and SCT scopes.

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A Different Way to Get There

Sep 09 2005 05:55 AM | rnabholz in Telescope Articles

At every turn these days we are seeing the impact of high quality, inexpensive electronics on our hobby. I believe that it could be argued that the application that has had the largest impact in terms of making the hobby accessible to many more people is the

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6” f/8 Motorized Dob for Lunar/Planetary Viewing

Aug 31 2005 05:39 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

This telescope is dedicated to visual observations on the moon and planets, undertaken from my balcony under suburban skies (limiting magnitude about 4.5). Light weight, portability or tracking accuracy compatible with astrophotography were not design requirements.

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William Optics Zenithstar 80

Mar 28 2005 11:18 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

I have owned several shorttube telescopes in the past, so testing the newborn child in the William Optics-family was a nice task… After a few years of observing without a portable scope to fill in the hours before moonrise or short moments of cloudless evenings, I deciced to buy another travel companion…

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Misadventures In Telescope Building

Mar 27 2005 11:51 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

I confess. I have had a thing for buying telescopes. My father did cars--I have done telescopes. Over the course of several years I have purchased, sold, bought, and traded at least thirteen different telescopes. I have owned smaller high end refractors and an excellent five inch f15 achromatic refractor. I have owned quality reflectors like a ten inch Portaball and an eight inch Portaball. The list goes on. And yes, I lost money on almost every sale. But to keep things in perspective, I lost much more in my investments over the same time without the fun!

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Mak Franken II: The Creation of a Chimera*

Mar 27 2005 06:58 AM | Guest in Telescope Articles

This all started after I unpacked my long dormant Celestron "Super C8 Plus", only to find that its secondary mirror "special" coating had gone bad with the passage of time. I had last used the beastie in the early 1990's. It was purchased in the mid-1980's. I was lucky, the optics had been good, as opposed to many SCT's of that vintage I hear. I had always thought the C8 was too much tube for it anyway, vibration-wise. And, balancing with varied loads... When I was a little kid I was allowed to play with a large scope at a local society's observatory. It had a might-vibrate-if-a-truck hit-the-pier mounting. Guess it kinda prejudiced me at an impressionable age. I decided to us the fork/mount/tripod with another OTA. But with what, and why?

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