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Tele Vue Pronto and the "Living Star Atlas"

Mar 22 2005 04:14 PM | Aaron McNeely in Telescope Articles

The Pronto comes with a padded carrying bag for storage. The bag features a shoulder strap and could easily be carry-on luggage for astronomy vacations. The bag is also useful for cold-weather astronomy because it prevents the scope from dewing up when brought in from the outside.

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What Can you see for $500? - 4 Telescopes Compared

Mar 22 2005 02:31 PM | Guest in Telescope Articles

The telescopes reviewed here have all received favorable comment in magazines or on the Internet: The Meade ETX90, the Celestron C102HD refractor, the Celestron G5 SCT, and a 10 inch Dobsonian reflector. The 10 inch Dobsonian belongs to the Eugene Astronomical Society, I purchased the C102HD and the G5 second hand on Astromart, and the ETX90RA was purchased at a local camera store.

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Story of Jason 60mm Refractor

Mar 13 2005 04:41 PM | Guest in Telescope Articles

One day I went to a Pawn shop to find a good pair of Binocular and I saw a refractor. I asked the sales person that how much he is asking for. He said that he will sell it for $50.00 but we negotiate on $35.00 so I bought this "TINY" refractor just to display in my living room. When I took it home I inspected the scope and found out that the optics are not really aligned and dirty so I cleaned and aligned the telescope. This is a 60 mm with an effective focal length of 700mm (f/11)and made in Japan. The Tripod was very light and I could not use the power no more then 45x so I mounted on my trusted SLICK 300DX tripod which can hold easily about 10 pound load.

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Tele Vue 85 Down Under

Mar 12 2005 12:47 PM | Guest in Telescope Articles

The following is my observing logs from a trip down under (Australia) in Dec 2002. I currently live and observe from just outsideNY city in West New York New Jersey. As you can imagine the skies are somewhat light polluted but you would be surprised at what you can pick up even under these kind of skies. Given NY skies and having only purchased the Televue 85mm refractor in May, 2002 you can imagine that a trip down under for a holiday that would involve some observing was something of a dream. What follows is my observing log and notes from my trip down under.

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Experiences with 2 Short tube Refractors

Mar 12 2005 12:03 PM | Guest in Telescope Articles

At the most recent of the Highlands Astronomical Societys' Equipment Nights, I was very happy to see, fully set up just a few feet along from my 127mm Maksutov, one of my first telescopes. It was a Konus Vista 80mm short tube refractor. It was mounted on the same photo tripod that I included when I sold it to its current owner, and even came out of the same foam lined aluminium carry case that I also parted company with about three years ago. Naturally I went over and inspected the little yellow scope, remembering the great

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So Why a Truss Dobsonian?

Mar 12 2005 11:46 AM | jrcrilly in Telescope Articles

Dobsonian telescopes (commonly referred to as “Dobs”) are a common sight these days. Most of us know that they are conventional Newtonian reflectors on a novel, simplified altitude/azimuth mounting system. Many of us are aware that the basic design is credited to John Dobson. Some of us remember that Mr. Dobson’s concept was a “people’s telescope” - one that could be put together at practically no cost using salvaged materials and unskilled labor. He felt

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