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The Collinder Catalog (updated)

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An Observer’s Checklist
Edited by Thomas Watson

The Updated and Observer Friendly Rendition of “Collinder’s Catalog of Open Star Clusters” (updated since the first version of this article)

In 2004 a puzzle presented by a star chart notation sent me off on what, for many months, seemed like the proverbial wild goose chase. Persistence and a good deal of luck, however, eventually led me to the solution to the puzzle, and to the creation of this observer’s checklist.

Like many of you, I have a fondness for the Coathanger, a curious and well-named asterism. I first became aware of its existence while using a copy of Dickinson’s Nightwatch as I reacquainted myself with the night sky. Not long afterward I picked up a copy of the 19th edition of the Norton’s Star Atlas and Reference Handbook and found, where the Coathanger should be, the designation “Cr.399.”   What, I wondered, did the letters “Cr” stand for?   In this age of instant access to all manner of information, I soon learned that the notation referred to a catalog of open star clusters created by a Swedish astronomy graduate student – Per Arne Collinder – for  his 1931 doctoral dissertation. (“On Structural Properties of Open Clusters and Their Spatial Distribution.”)   Web searches and conventional digging around in the library brought limited results. I came across a reference to the fact that Collinder had gone on to become, not an astronomer, but something of an authority on navigation. I also found that many studies of stars and star clusters (to this day) cite Collinder’s dissertation as a reference. He may have become a mystery to amateur astronomers, but his work was obviously of use to someone. Nothing else about this admittedly minor character in the history of astronomy was forthcoming. No copies of Collinder’s dissertation existed in the local university library, so I was unable to see the catalog, much less read the man’s findings with regards to this class of deep sky objects. I’d come to a dead end, my curiosity far from satisfied.

I really hate when that happens.

Astronomy writer Nancy Thomas, in the Winter 2005 issue of Amateur Astronomy magazine, published an essay on Collinder that rekindled my interest in his catalog. Like me, she had been sent on her quest, years ago, by the “Cr.399” notation for the Coathanger. However, she had done substantially better in her efforts to learn about Collinder, coming up with a photocopy of his catalog (reproduced by the US Naval Observatory directly from his dissertation) and an obituary that, when translated, provided a nutshell account of the man’s life. (See “Per Collinder and His Catalog,” by Nancy Thomas; Amateur Astronomy #48, Winter 2005.)   At the end of her essay, Ms. Thomas expressed the hope that amateur astronomers would take up the challenge of using Collinder’s catalog as an observing list. This seemed a vain hope, without a copy of the catalog. I wrote Nancy a letter to congratulate her on her findings, express appreciation for publishing her results, and to say that I would be interested in taking up the challenge if I could trouble her for a copy of the catalog. This, she was most happy to do, and in a couple of weeks a photocopy of it arrived in my mailbox.

To say I was pleased by this turn of events would be an understatement. I studied the catalog and soon came to the realization that, in its original form, the catalog was of little use to the amateur observer. It contained out-dated coordinates, incorrect NGC and IC numbers (often through no fault of the author), and data that was just plain obscure from the perspective of the average backyard observer. The idea occurred to convert this document into a more streamlined form that might appeal to those who have an interest in both astronomy and history, and so I set to work updating the catalog in a spreadsheet. This turned into a larger task than I expected, especially when I set about finding correct NGC numbers for the objects. To accomplish this, and to provide modern coordinate information, I came to rely heavily on the Historically Corrected New General Catalogue  Ver 1.02 (available on line) and the book Star Clusters by Brent A. Archinal and Steven J. Hynes (Willmann-Bell). No observer of deep sky objects should remain unacquainted with these references.

As I was working my way through the process of making the conversion, a chance came my way, in the summer of 2006, to see Collinder’s dissertation in its entirety. A spur of the moment search with Google Scholar, followed up by a call to the folks at the University of Arizona interlibrary loan program, put a copy of the seventy-five year old tome in my hands for a few weeks. It was an interesting read, written as it was in a more personable and human style than we see used in professional science journals and dissertations these days.   Of greatest interest was the collection of notes that followed the catalog, in which Collinder discusses the individual objects he decided to include in his research. Holding that old dissertation in my hands, after trying for so long to find out anything at all about its author, was a very satisfying experience. The search had come full circle.

Although the majority of the open clusters used by Collinder for his research were objects discovered by other observers over the ages, a significant number of these objects were recognized for what they are for the first time by Collinder, himself. It is for this reason, of course, that the “Cr” designation that sent me on my quest remains on star charts today. The catalog as a whole is a catalog in its own right in that it is a compilation of data on a specific class of objects (open clusters) assembled to facilitate a study of the characteristics of those objects. But whatever use Collinder – and those who came after him – made of this catalog, we now have the option, thanks in large part to the detective work of Nancy Thomas, of using this large collection of objects as resource for our enjoyment of the night sky. I hope this version of it does indeed prove to be user friendly enough to guide you to many worthwhile encounters with the open star clusters of the Milky Way galaxy.

Using the Updated Collinder Catalog

As you observe these objects through the eyepiece it might be interesting to keep in mind that Collinder apparently never saw the majority of the clusters he listed directly with his own eyes. Much, if not most, of his work was done using photographic plates taken from a variety of observatories. Because he used this approach, a significant number of the clusters in his catalog are objects out of reach of northern hemisphere observers. That seems fair enough, when you consider that a comparable number are invisible to observers in the south. The checklist has been left in the original order according to each object’s Cr.number, just as Collinder published it, with no attempt made to sort according to the prospective observer’s latitude.

Most of the clusters in the Collinder Catalog are objects suited to telescopes of various sizes. Some require high magnification, others a low power wide field eyepiece. Some are best viewed with binoculars, or even with the naked eye. If nothing else, Collinder’s catalog clearly illustrates that open star clusters represent a highly diverse set of deep sky objects.

The following is an explanation of the column headings of the checklist derived from Collinder’s catalog.

The catalog number assigned by Collinder to each object included in his study.
NGC/Other Cat
Provides connections to the more general resources from which Collinder derived his list of open clusters. Not all of these designations were included in Collinder’s original catalog. They are added here to allow for easier cross referencing with modern resources. In a few cases Collinder got an NGC/IC number wrong, and where the erroneous number might be found in other references, this has been noted. Also, some of his designations, while correct in their time, are seldom used these days. A few of these, such as that for the Coathanger asterism (4-5 Vul)) have been retained as curiosities.
The constellation in which the object is found.
RA and DEC
The celestial coordinates of the objects according to the Historically Corrected New General Catalogue (HCNGC) v1.02. The coordinates listed in Collinder’s dissertation are from the early 1900s and are not reproduced in this checklist. (See original catalog.)
M (v/p)
Estimates of the apparent magnitudes of these clusters, either visual (v) or photographic (p) taken from such sources as NSOG, the SEDS website, and Archinal & Hynes, and The Historically Corrected New General Catalogue (HCNGC) v.1.02. The magnitudes recorded by Collinder often do not agree with modern sources. (See original catalog.)
# Stars
Estimates of the number of stars contained within star clusters, determined by the examination of photographic plates. Most of these counts are by Collinder. Where he did not provide a number one was substituted from other (usually more recent) sources, as indicated by a number in parenthesis. This segregation was done in order to help maintain some sense of what Collinder measured in his work, while still providing useful information to modern observers. Although these numbers can be useful for giving the observer some sense for the cluster’s nature, always bear in mind that the number of stars seen will be strongly influenced by aperture and conditions.
Size '
Modern estimates of angular size  –  in arc minutes  –  taken from sources such as The Historically Corrected New General Catalogue (HCNGC) v.1.02 and The Night Sky Observer’s Guide (NSOG) by Kepple and Sanner.

A classification system used to describe clusters by comparing them to typical and well known clusters as examples. Classifications of this sort from both Collinder and Lundmark (his doctoral advisor) are included in the original catalog, but only Collinder’s assessment (which in the overwhelming majority of cases is the same as Lundmark’s) are used for this list. This system of descriptive classification is included partly for the historical insight it provides into how these objects were seen by the researcher involved, and also because they might offer an aid to the identification of objects when they are found.

  • Plei = Pleiades (M45)
  • Praes = Praesepe (M44)
  • μ Norm = mu Normae Cluster (NGC 6169)
  • Glob = resembled a globular cluster
  • Chain = string-like asterism
  • Neb = appears nebulous, or contains nebulosity
  • nl = none listed
  • Notes (n) = Useful information that it is hoped provides some clarification of discrepancies between Collinder’s sources and those currently in use.

Catalog and Checklist

Col #NGC/Other Cat.ConRADECm (v/p)# StarsSizeClassn
1103Cas00h 25m 17.4s+61º 19' 19"9.8v(30)5Plei 
2129Cas00h 29m 54.1s+60º 12' 35"6.5v2021Plei 
3133Cas00h 31m 16.9s+63º 21' 10"9.4v207Plei 
4136Cas00h 31m 30.7s+61º 30' 34"11.3p (20)1.2Praes 
5146Cas00h 33m 03.9s+63º 18' 33"9.1v206Plei 
6188Cep00h 47m 29.7s+85º 14' 29"8.1v(120)13Praes 
7225Cas00h 43m 32.3s+61º 47' 25"7.0v1812Plei 
8IC1590Cas00h 52m 59.3s+56º 37' 19"7.4pnl25x30Neb1
9366Cas01h 06m 25.9s+62º 13' 44"12p(30)3Plei 
10381Cas01h 08m 14.9s+61º 35' 00"9.3v386Praes 
11436Cas01h 15m 57.7s+58º 49' 02"8.8v255Praes 
12457Cas01h 19m 32.6s+58º 17' 27"6.4v4013Praes 
13559Cas01h 29m 29.1s+63º 18' 30"9.5v354.4Praes 
14581 (M103)Cas01h 33m 21.8s+60º 39' 29"7.4v256Praes 
15Tr.1Cas01h 35m 42.0s+61º 17' 00"8.1v(20)7.4Praes 
16609Cas01h 36m 23.7s+64º 32' 12"11.0v(100+)3Praes 
17637Cas01h 43m 03.1s+64º 02' 12"8.2v113.5Plei 
18654Cas01h 43m 59.4s+61º 52' 58"6.5v305Praes 
19659Cas01h 44m 23.0s+60º 40' 09"7.9v155Praes 
20663Cas01h 46m 16.0s+61º 13' 06"7.1v6016Praes 
21 Tri01h 50m 12.0s+27º 05' 00"7.3v157Plei2
22744Per01h 58m 29.9s+55º 28' 29"7.9v1211Plei 
23752And01h 57m 47.9s+37º 51' 00"5.7v5050Plei 
24869Per02h 19m 03.8s+57º 08' 06"5.3v25029Praes3
25884Per02h 22m 32.1s+57º 08' 39"6.1v20029Praes3
26Mel 15 (IC1805)Cas02h 32m 42.0s+61º 27' 00"7.9v2522Plei4
27956And02h 32m 30.9s+44º 35' 37"8.9p207Plei 
28957Per02h 33m 19.0s+57º 34' 11"7.6v1811Plei 
29Tr.2Per02h 37m 18.0s+55º 59' 00"5.9v1820Plei 
301027Cas02h 42m 35.1s+61º 35' 40"6.7v4020Neb 
311039 (M34)Per02h 42m 07.4s+42º 44' 46"5.2v6035Praes 
32IC1848Cas02h 51m 12.0s+60º 26' 00"6.5v2012Plei5
33IC1848Cas02h 59m 18.0s+60º 24' 00"5.9p10039Plei5
34IC1848Cas03h 00m 54.0s+60º 25' 00"6.8p6025Plei5
351193Per03h 05m 55.7s+44º 22' 59"12.6v(40)1.5Plei 
36Tr.3Cas03h 11m 48.0s+63° 15' 00"7p3023Plei 
371220Per03h 11m 40.7s+53º 20' 54"11.8v(15)2Plei 
381245Per03h 14m 41.5s+47º 14' 20"8.4v6510Praes 
39Mel 20 (PMC)Per03h 22m 00.0s+49º 00' 00"1.2v60185Plei6
401342Per03h 31m 40.1s+37º 22' 28"6.7v3014Plei 
41IC348Per03h 44m 30.0s+32º 17' 00"7.3v107Neb7
42M45Tau03h 47m 00.0s+24º 07' 00"1.2v100110Neb 
431444Per03h 49m 22.9s+52º 39' 44"6.6v74μNorm 
441496Per04h 04m 31.9s+52º 39' 41"9.6v(10)6Plei 
451502Cam04h 07m 49.3s+62º 19' 54"6.9v157μNorm 
461513Per04h 09m 54.7s+49º 31' 02"8.4v409Praes 
471528Per04h 15m 18.9s+51º 12' 41"6.4v5023Praes 
48IC361Cam04h 19m 00.0s+58º 18' 00"11.7v(60)6Praes 
491545Per04h 20m 56.3s+50º 15' 19"6.2v1818Plei 
50Mel 25 (TMC)Tau04h 27m 00.0s+16º 00' 00"0.5v36330Plei8
511582Per04h 32m 00.0s+43º 50' 53"7.0v6037Plei 
521605Per04h 34m 54.3s+45º 16' 11"10.7v(40+)5Praes 
531624Per04h 40m 36.5s+50º 27' 42"11.8v(12)5x5Plei 
541647Tau04h 45m 55.6s+19º 06' 42"6.4v6045Praes 
551662Ori04h 48m 28.9s+10º 55' 49"6.4v1420Plei 
561664Aur04h 51m 08.4s+43º 40' 28"7.6v3018Praes 
571746Tau05h 03m 50.2s+23º 46' 04"6.1v7042Praes 
581778Aur05h 08m 05.7s+37º 01' 22"7.7v156Plei 
591807Tau05h 10m 41.1s+16º 31' 52"7.0v1817Plei 
601817Tau05h 12m 26.3s+16º 41' 03"7.7v8516Praes 
611857Aur05h 20m 05.5s+39º 20' 37"7.0v405Plei 
62nlAur05h 22m 30.0s+41º 00' 00"4.2v1528Plei 
631893Aur05h 22m 45.1s+33º 25' 13"7.5v3011Plei9
641883Aur05h 25m 54.2s+46º 29' 25"12.0v122.5Plei 
65nlTau05h 25m 05.0s+15º 41' 59"3.0v30220Plei 
661907Aur05h 28m 04.5s+35º 19' 32"8.2v86Praes 
671912 (M38)Aur05h 28m 42.5s+35º 51' 18"6.4v12021Praes 
681931Aur05h 31m 25.8s+34º 14' 42"10.1v(20)4x4Neb 
69Orion ClusterOri05h 35m 28.8s +09º 56' 28"2.8v2570Neb10
70Orion BeltOri05h 35m 36.0s-01º 05' 00"0.6v125140Neb11
711960 (M36)Aur05h 36m 17.7s+34º 08' 276.0v6012Praes 
721980Ori05h 35m 25.9s-05º 54' 35"2.5v1214x14Neb 
731981Ori05h 35m 09.6s-04º 25' 30"4.2v1325Plei 
74 Ori05h 48m 30.0s+07º 24' 00"14.4p12±5nl 
752099 (M37)Aur05h 52m 18.3s+32º 33' 11"5.6v25023Praes 
762112Ori05h 53m 45.2s+00º 24' 39"9.1v4511Praes 
772129Gem06h 01m 06.5s+23º 19' 20"6.7v206Plei 
782126Aur06h 02m 33.0s+49º 51' 57"10.2v186Plei 
792141Ori06h 02m 55.1s+10º 26' 47"9.4v(100)10Praes 
80Tr.4Gem06h 05m 00.0s+24º 00' 00"8.4p156Plei 
812158Gem06h 07m 25.6s+24º 05' 46"8.6v(100+)5Praes12
822168 (M35)Gem06h 08m 55.9s+24º 21' 28"5.1v17528Praes 
832169Ori06h 08m 24.3s+13º 57' 53"5.9v86Plei 
842175Ori06h 09m 39.6s+20º 29' 15"6.8v1640x30μNorm13
852186Ori06h 12m 07.1s+05º 27' 31"8.7v104Praes 
862192Aur06h 15m 17.4s+39º 51' 19"10.9v(45)5Plei 
872194Ori06h 13m 45.9s+12º 48' 24"8.5v3510Praes 
882204Cma06h 15m 32.2s-18º 39' 57"8.6v6512Praes 
899-12 Gem Gem06h 18m 00.0s+23º 38' 00"5.72060Plei 
902215Mon06h 20m 49.2s-07º 17' 02"8.4v2211Plei 
91 Mon06h 21m 42.0s+02º 22' 00"6.4p2017Plei 
92 Mon06h 22m 54.0s+05º 07' 00"8.6v3011Neb 
932232Mon06h 27m 15.0s-04º 50' 51"4.2v1829Plei 
942236Mon06h 29m 39.7s+06º 49' 50"8.5v186Plei 
95 Mon06h 30m 30.0s+09º 56' 00"nl1027Neb 
96 Mon06h 30m 18.0s+02º 52' 00"7.3v127Plei 
97 Mon06h 31m 18.0s+05º 55' 00"5.4p921Plei 
982243Cma06h 29m 34.5s-31º 16' 53"9.4v(100)5Praes 
992244Mon06h 31m 55.6s+04º 56' 35"4.8v1824Plei 
1002250Mon06h 33m 49.9s-05º 05' 04"8.9p(10)7Plei 
1012251Mon06h 34m 38.5s+08º 21' 59"7.3v2010Plei 
1022252Mon06h 34m 42.9s+05º 21' 59"7.7v10±20Plei 
1032254Mon06h 35m 49.7s+07º 40' 24"9.1v204Plei 
104 Mon06h 36m 30.0s+04º 49' 00"9.6p1521Chain 
105Tr.5Mon06h 37m 36.0s+09º 26' 00"10.9p208Plei 
106 Mon06h 37m 06.0s+05º 57' 00"4.6p2345Plei 
107 Mon06h 37m 42.0s+04º 44' 00"5.1p3035Plei 
1082259Mon06h 38m 21.4s+10º 53' 01"10.8v(25)4.5Plei 
1092262Mon06h 39m 38.1s+01º 08' 37"11.3v(35)3.5Plei14
110 Mon06h 38m 24.0s+02º 01' 00"10.5p6012Praes 
111 Mon06h 38m 42.0s+06º 54' 00"7.0p83.2μNorm 
1122264Mon06h 40m 58.3s+09º 53' 44"4.1v4520μNorm 
1132266Gem06h 43m 19.2s+26º 58' 10"9.5v50±6Praes 
1142269Mon06h 43m 17.1s+04º 37' 28"10.0v4Plei 
115 Mon06h 46m 30.0s+01º 46' 00"9.2p257Plei 
1162281Aur06h 48m 17.8s+41º 04' 44"5.4v2314Plei 
1172286Mon06h 47m 40.1s-03º 08' 52"7.5v5014Plei 
1182287 (M41)Cma06h 46m 00.0s-20º 46' 00"4.5v16038Praes 
1192301Mon06h 51m 45.3s+00º 27' 33"6.0v6012Plei 
1202304Gem06h 55m 11.9s+17º 59' 19"10.0v30±5Praes 
121 Cma06h 54m 12.0s-24º 38' 00"2.6v2050Plei 
1222309Mon06h 56m 03.6s-07º 10' 28"10.5v14±3Plei 
1232311Mon06h 57m 47.5s-04º 36' 41"9.6v206Plei 
1242323 (M50)Mon07h 02m 42.3s-08º 23' 26"5.9v4516Plei 
1252324Mon07h 04m 07.9s+01º 02' 41"8.4v507Praes 
1262331Gem07h 06m 59.8s+27º 15' 42"8.5v2018Plei 
1272335Mon07h 06m 49.5s-10º 01' 43"7.2v4012Plei 
1282343Mon07h 08m 06.8s-10º 37' 01"6.7v126Plei 
1292345Cma07h 08m 18.8s-13º 11' 38"7.7v4512Praes 
1302353Mon07h 14m 30.3s-10º 15' 57"7.1v6020μNorm 
1312354Cma07h 14m 15.3s-25º 41' 33"6.5v3020Praes 
132 Cma07h 14m 24.0s-31º 10' 00"3.6v1895Plei 
1332355Gem07h 16m 59.3s+13º 44' 59"9.7v309Praes 
1342360Cma07h 17m 43.1s-15º 38' 29"7.2v5012Praes 
135 Pup07h 17m 18.0s-36º 50' 00"2.1v1650Neb?   
1362362Cma07h 18m 41.5s-24º 57' 15"3.8v208μNorm 
1372367Cma07h 20m 04.5s-21º 53' 03"7.9v(30)3.5Plei 
1382368Mon07h 21m 06.3s-10º 22' 18"11.8v(15)5Praes 
1392374Cma07h 23m 56.1s-13º 15' 48"8.0v4019Plei 
140 Cma07h 23m 54.0s-32º 12' 00"3.5v1542Plei 
1412383Cma07h 24m 39.9s-20º 56' 51"8.4v25±5Praes 
1422384aCma07h 25m 11.8s-21º 01' 24"7.4v(15)2.5μNorm 
1432384bCma07h 25m 11.8s-21º 01' 24"nlnlnlμNorm 
1442395Gem07h 27m 12.9s+13º 36' 29"8.0v2212Plei 
145Tr.6Cma07h 26m 06.0s-24º 18' 00"10.0p206Plei 
146Tr.7Pup07h 27m 18.0s-24º 02' 00"7.9v12±5Plei 
147Mel.66Pup07h 26m 23.0s-47º 40' 00"7.8p(200)10Praes 
1482396Pup07h 28m 02.9s-11º 43' 11"7.4v4010Plei 
1492401Pup07h 29m 24.4s-13º 57' 58"12.6v(20)2Praes 
1502414Pup07h 33m 12.8s-15º 27' 14"7.9v(35)4Plei 
1512421Pup07h 36m 11.8s-20º 36' 44"8.3v2810Praes 
1522422 (M47)Pup07h 36m 35.0s-14º 28' 57"4.4v5029Plei 
1532423Pup07h 37m 06.7s-13º 52' 17"6.7v4019Praes 
1542420Gem07h 38m 23.9s+21º 34' 27"8.3v(100+)10Plei 
155Mel.71Pup07h 37m 30.0s-12º 04' 00"7.1v609Praes 
156Mel.72Mon07h 38m 24.0s-10º 41' 00"10.1p249Praes15
1572432Pup07h 40m 53.8s-19º 05' 09"10.2v(50+)7Praes 
1582439Pup07h 40m 45.4s-31º 41' 33"6.9v2610Plei 
1592437 (M46)Pup07h 41m 46.8s-14º 48' 36"6.1v12527Praes 
1602447 (M93)Pup07h 44m 29.2s-23º 51' 11"6.2v8022Praes 
1612451Pup07h 45m 15.0s-37º 58' 03"2.8v3545Plei 
1622453Pup07h 47m 34.1s-27º 11' 41"8.3v105Plei 
1632455Pup07h 48m 58.6s-21º 17' 53"10.2v207Plei 
1642467Pup07h 52m 29.5s-26º 25' 48"7.1v2015Neb 
1652477Pup07h 52m 09.8s-38º 32' 00"5.8v30027Glob 
1662482Pup07h 55m 10.3s-24º 15' 17"7.3v2812Plei 
167Tr.8Pup07h 55m 04.0s-17º 42' 35"9.6p307Praes 
168Tr.9Pup07h 55m 18.0s-25º 56' 00"8.7v145Plei 
1692489Pup07h 56m 15.9s-30º 03' 51"7.9v608Praes 
1702506Mon08h 00m 01.7s-10º 46' 11"7.6v808Praes 
1712509Pup08h 00m 47.8s-19º 03' 02"9.3v308Plei 
1722516Car07h 58m 07.1s-60º 45' 12"3.8v7029Praes 
173 Vel08h 02m 49.0s-46º 23' 00"0.6v70370Plei 
1742527Pup08h 04m 58.2s-28º 08' 48"6.5v4022Plei 
1752533Pup08h 07m 04.1s-29º 53' 02"7.6v30±3.5Praes 
1762539Pup08h 10m 37.9s-12º 49' 09"6.5v6521Praes 
1772547Vel08h 10m 10.5s-49º 13' 32"4.7v4020Plei 
1782546Pup08h 12m 15.6s-37º 35' 39"6.3v4040Plei 
1792548 (M48)Hya08h 13m 43.1s-05º 45' 02"5.8v9054Praes 
1802567Pup08h 18m 29.1s-30º 38' 44"7.4v4010Plei 
1812571Pup08h 18m 56.3s-29º 44' 57"7.0v2013Plei 
1822579Pup08h 20m 53.0s-36º 13' 02"7.5v1410Plei16
1832580Pup08h 21m 27.9s-30º 17' 36"9.7v257Praes 
1842587Pup08h 23m 24.1s-29º 30' 31"9.2v189Plei 
185 Pup08h 22m 30.0s-36º 10' 00"7.8v158Plei 
1862588Pup08h 23m 09.5s-32º 58' 31"11.8v(20+)2Praes 
187 Pup08h 24m 12.0s-29º 09' 00"9.6p(20)7Plei 
1882627Pyx08h 37m 14.9s-29º 57' 01"8.4v3011Praes 
1892632 (M44)Cnc08h 40m 22.2s+19º 40' 19"3.1v6095Praes 
1902635Pyx08h 38m 26.0s-34º 46' 18"11.2v(15)3Praes 
191IC2391Vel08h 40m  21.0s-53º 05' 21"2.0v1560Plei17
192IC2395Vel08h 42m 31.0s-48º 06' 30"4.0v197Plei 
1932660Vel08h 42m 38.0s-47º 12' 02"8.8v(70)4Glob 
1942659Vel08h 42m 33.0s-45º 00' 02"8.6v352.7Praes 
1952658Pyx08h 43m 27.3s-32º 39' 22"9.2v4012Praes 
196 Pyx08h 45m 00.0s-31º 38' 00"10.5p(12)5Praes 
197 Vel08h 44m 51.0s-41º 14' 00"6.7p1440Plei 
198 Pyx08h 45m 18.0s-31º 46' 00"11.2nl5Praes 
1992669Vel08h 46m 19.0s-52º 56' 06"6.1v2512Praes18
2002670Vel08h 45m 29.5s-48º 47' 30"7.8v259Plei 
2012671Vel08h 46m 11.9s-41º 52' 38"11.6v(40)4Praes 
202Harv.3Vel08h 46m 30.0s-52º 54' 00"6.1p2212Plei18
203Tr.10Vel08h 47m 54.0s-42º 27' 00"5.0v1829Plei 
2042682 (M67)Cnc08h 51m 20.1s+11º 48' 43"6.9v9029Praes 
205Markarian 18Vel09h 00m 32.0s-48º 59' 06"7.8v85μNorm 
2062818Pyx09h 16m 01.5s-36º 37' 37"8.2v259Praes19
2072849Vel09h 19m 22.9s-40º 31' 13"12.5v(40)2.3Praes 
208IC2488Vel09h 27m 45.0s-57º 40' 08"7.47018Plei 
2092910Vel09h 30m 29.0s-52º 54' 50"7.2v155Plei 
2102925Vel09h 33m 10.9s-53º 23' 45"8.3v3012Plei 
2112972Vel09h 40m 11.5s-50º 19' 15"9.9v(25)4Praes 
2123033Vel09h 48m 39.1s-56º 24' 42"8.8v(50)5Plei 
213 Vel09h 54m 35.0s-50º 55' 11"9.2p2117Plei 
2143105Vel10h 00m 39.5s-54º 47' 15"9.7v(20)2Praes 
2153114Car10h 02m 42.7s-60º 06' 32"4.2v10035Plei 
216Tr.11Car10h 04m 58.6s-61º 36' 54"8.1p155Plei 
217Tr.12Car10h 06m 29.0s-60º 18' 00"8.8p124Plei 
2183228Vel10h 21m 22.2s-51º 43' 57"6.0v225Plei 
219Tr.13Car10h 23m 49.6s-60º 08' 14 "11.3(40)5Plei 
220(incorrectly) 3247Car10h 25m 52.0s-57º 55' 35"7.6p186Plei20
2213255Car10h 26m 31.3s-60º 40' 42"11.0v(30)2Glob21
222IC2581Car10h 27m 36.0s-57º 40' 13"4.0v147μNorm 
223 Car10h 30m 24.0s-60º 05' 00"9.4309Plei 
2243293Car10h 35m 53.8s-58º 14' 10"4.7v(93)5Praes 
2253324Car10h 37m 18.7s-58º 39' 36"6.7(44)5(Neb) 
2263330Vel10h 38m 47.5s-54º 06' 56"7.4v206Plei 
227Mel.101Car10h 42m 12.0s-65º 06' 00"8.0v7016Praes 
228 Car10h 42m 04.0s-59º 55' 00"4.4v5014Neb 
229IC2602Car10h 43m 23.0s-64º 26' 13"1.0v24100Neb 
230Tr.14Car10h 43m 56.0s-59º 33' 00"5.5v(44)5Neb 
231Tr.15Car10h 44m 43.0s-59º 22' 00"7.0v1515Neb 
232 Car10h 44m 59.0s-59º 33' 00"6.8v154Plei 
233eta Car cluster (Tr 16)Car10h 45m 16.2s-59º 43' 17"5.0v4010Neb22
234Tr 16Car10h 45m 21.0s-59º 45' 00"5.0v(18)3Plei22
235Tr.17Car10h 56m 24.0s-59º 12' 00"8.4255Plei 
236 Car10h 57m 17.0s-61º 06' 36"7.7v3010Plei 
2373496Car10h 59m 33.8s-60º 20' 12"8.2v459Praes 
2383532Car11h 05m 47.5s-58º 46' 13"3.0v13555x50Praes 
2393572Car11h 10m 19.2s-60º 14' 54"6.6vnl6Plei23
240 Car11h 10m 19.2s-60º 14' 54"n/a20n/aPlei23
241Tr.18Car11h 11m 28.0s-60º 40' 00"6.9v106Plei 
2423590Car11h 12m 59.0s-60º 47' 20"8.2v154Plei 
243Tr.19Car11h 15m 07.0s-57º 33' 00"9.6v(40)10Praes24
2443603Car11h 15m 06.6s-61º 15' 40"9.1v(44)2.5Praes 
245IC2714Car11h 18m 08.0s-62º 44' 21"8.0v12015Praes 
246Mel.105Car11h 19m 42.0s-63º 29' 00"8.5v40±5Praes 
2473680Cen11h 25m 37.1s-43º 15' 00"7.6v2512Praes 
2483766Cen11h 36m 14.4s-61º 36' 36"5.3v13712Praes 
249 Cen11h 36m 52.0s-63º 04' 24"4.0v2565Neb 
2503960Cen11h 50m 33.2s-55º 40' 35"8.3v606Praes 
2514052Cru12h 02m 05.2s-63º 13' 24"8.8v6010Plei 
2524103Cru12h 06m 39.5s-61º 15' 00"7.4v20±6Plei 
2534230Cen12h 17m 09.3s-55º 17' 10"9.4v(15)7x5Plei 
2544337Cru12h 24m 03.3s-58º 07' 25"8.9v203.5Plei25
2554349Cru12h 24m 06.0s-61º 52' 13"7.4v7015Praes 
256Mel.111Com12h 25m 00.0s+26º 00' 00"1.8v30275Plei 
257 Cru12h 24m 45.9s-60º 53' 12"nl125Plei26
258Harv.5Cru12h 27m 10.0s-60º 46' 00"7.1v(25)5Plei26
2594439Cru12h 28m 26.3s-60º 06' 11"8.4v(20)4Plei 
2604463Mus12h 29m 55.2s-64º 47' 23"7.2v18±5Plei 
261Harv.6Mus12h 37m 57.0s-68º 22' 00"10.7v(100)9Praes 
262Tr.20Cru12h 39m 34.0s-60º 37' 00"10.1vnl7Praes 
2634609Cru12h 42m 19.9s-62º 59' 38"6.9v125Plei 
2644755Cru12h 53m 37.1s-60º 21' 22"4.2v(218)10Plei27
2654815Mus12h 57m 58.3s-64º 57' 42"8.6v(100)3Praes28
2664852Cen13h 00m 14.5s-59º 36' 58"8.9v2011Plei 
2675053Com13h 16m 27.0s+17º 41' 52"9.0vnl11Praes29
268(Harvard 8)Mus13h 18m 13.0s-67º 05' 00"9.5v305Plei 
269 Mus13h 23m 31.0s-66º 10' 48"9.2pnl15Plei30
2705138Cen13h 27m 15.2s-59º 02' 27"7.6v157Plei 
271 Cen13h 29m 54.0s-64º 12' 00"8.7v165Plei 
272 Cen13h 30m 26.0s-61º 19' 00"7.7v1510Plei 
2735168Cen13h 31m 07.3s-60º 56' 21"9.1v(50)4Praes 
274Tr.21Cen13h 32m 14.0s-62º 48' 00"7.7v(20)5Praes 
275 Cen13h 34m 39.0s-60º 12' 00"10.2v(20)11Plei 
2765281Cen13h 46m 35.1s-62º 54' 59"5.9v(40)8Plei 
277 Cir13h 48m 00.0s-66º 04' 00"9.2v(30)15Praes 
2785288Cir13h 48m 44.9s-64º 41' 07"11.8vnl4Plei 
2795316Cen13h 53m 57.2s-61º 52' 09"6.0v2213Plei 
2805460Cen14h 07m 27.7s-48º 20' 33"5.6v5035Praes 
2815606Cen14h 27m 47.2s-59º 37' 56"7.7v(15)3Plei 
2825617Cen14h 29m 44.0s-60º 42' 39"6.3v6010Praes 
283Tr.22Cen14h 31m 02.0s-61º 10' 00"7.9v1510Plei31
2845662Cen14h 35m 37.5s-56º 37' 05"5.5v3530Plei 
285Ursa MajorUma12h 03m 00.0s+58º 00' 00"nlnlnlnl 
2865715Cir14h 43m 29.7s-57º 34' 37"9.8v205Praes 
2875749Lup14h 48m 53.9s-54º 29' 51"8.8v167Plei 
2885764Lup14h 53m 32.2s-52º 40' 14"12.6v123nl 
2895822Lup15h 04m 21.2s-54º 23' 47"6.5v10039Plei 
2905823Cir15h 05m 30.6s-55º 36' 13"7.9v3012Plei 
2915925Nor15h 27m 26.7s-54º 31' 43"8.4v4520Plei 
292 Nor15h 49m 51.0s-57º 37' 11"7.9v(50)15Plei 
2935999Nor15h 52m 08.6s-56º 28' 22"9.0v403Praes 
2946005Nor15h 55m 48.7s-57º 26' 14"10.7v143Praes32
295Tr.23Nor16h 00m 48.0s-53º 32' 00"11.2v259Plei 
2966025TrA16h 03m 17.0s-60º 25' 54"5.1v2512Plei 
2976031Nor16h 07m 35.0s-54º 00' 54"8.5v(121)2Plei 
2986067Nor16h 13m 11.0s-54º 13' 06"5.6v11512Praes 
299Harv.10Nor16h 19m 54.0s-54º 58' 00"6.9p2425Plei 
3006087Nor16h 18m 50.5s-57º 56' 04"5.4v3012Plei 
3016124Sco16h 25m 20.0s-40º 39' 13"5.8v6040Praes 
302Antares Cl.Sco16h 26m 00.0s-26º 13' 00"1.0v20±505Neb 
3036134Nor16h 27m 46.5s-49º 09' 04"7.2v456Praes 
3046152Nor16h 32m 45.5s-52º 38' 38"8.1v3529Praes 
3056167Nor16h 34m 34.9s-49º 46' 19"6.7v407Plei 
3066169Nor16h 34m 04.6s-44º 02' 44"6.6v(40)12μNorm 
307 Nor16h 35m 20.0s-51º 00' 00"9.2v225Plei 
3086178Sco16h 35m 47.2s-45º 38' 37"7.2v74Plei 
3096192Sco16h 40m 23.8s-43º 22' 00"8.5v257Praes 
3106193Ara16h 41m 20.2s-48º 45' 45"5.2v2514Plei 
3116200Ara16h 44m 07.3s-47º 27' 45"7.4v4012Plei 
3126204Ara16h 46m 09.5s-47º 01' 01"8.2v205Praes 
3136208Ara16h 49m 28.1s-53º 43' 42"7.2v4015Praes 
3146222Sco16h 49m 23.5s-44º 43' 53"10.1v224Praes33
3156231Sco16h 54m 10.9s-41º 49' 27"2.6v(93)14Plei 
316 Sco16h 55m 30.0s-40º 50' 00"6.6v60105Plei34
3176242Sco16h 55m 33.4s-39º 27' 39"6.4v509Praes 
318Tr.24Sco16h 57m 00.0s-40º 40' 00"8.6p1560Plei 
3196249Sco16h 57m 41.5s-44º 48' 43"8.2v186Plei 
3206250Ara16h 57m 56.0s-45º 56' 12"5.9v107Plei 
3216253Ara16h 59m 05.1s-52º 42' 32"10.2v255Praes 
3226259Sco17h 00m 45.3s-44º 39' 18"8.0v6010Praes 
3236268Sco17h 02m 10.3s-39º 43' 42"9.5v226Plei 
3246281Sco17h 04m 41.2s-37º 59' 07"5.4v258Plei 
3256318Sco17h 16m 11.5s-39º 25' 30"11.8v20±5Praes 
3266322Sco17h 18m 25.7s-42º 56' 02"6.0v12±10Plei 
327IC4651Ara17h 25m 14.0s-49º 57' 35"6.9v6510Praes 
3286352Ara17h 25m 29.1s-48º 25' 22"7.8vnl7.1Glob35
329Tr.25Sco17h 24m 48.0s-30º 00' 00"11.7p18±4Plei 
3306355Oph17h 23m 58.5s-26º 21' 13"8.6vnl5Glob36
331Tr.26Oph17h 28m 30.0s-29º 29' 00"9.5p2017Plei 
332 Sco17h 30m 48.0s-37º 05' 00"8.9v252Plei 
333 Sco17h 31m 18.0s-34º 05' 00"9.8p85Plei 
3346374 (6383)Sco17h 34m 42.4s-32º 34' 53"5.5102.5Plei37
3356383Sco17h 34m 42.4s-32º 34' 53"5.5v102.5μNorm37
336Tr.27Sco17h 36m 12.0s-33º 29' 00"6.7v156Plei 
337Tr.28Sco17h 36m 48.0s-32º 29' 00"7.7v2212.5Praes 
338 Sco17h 38m 06.0s-37º 43' 12"8.0v2020Plei 
3396396Sco17h 37m 38.0s-35º 01' 33"8.5v8nlPlei38
3406404Sco17h 39m 37.3s-33º 14' 48"10.6v125Plei 
3416405 (M6)Sco17h 40m 20.7s-32º 15' 15"4.2v5533Plei 
3426400Sco17h 40m 12.7s-36º 56' 52"8.8v2512Plei 
343Tr.29Sco17h 41m 36.0s-40º 06' 00"7.5p229Plei 
3446416Sco17h 44m 19.9s-32º 21' 40"5.7v3530Plei 
345 Sco17h 44m 35.0s-33º 52' 00"10.9v124.8Plei 
3466426Oph17h 44m 54.6s+03º 10' 13"10.9vnl4.2Praes39
347 Oph17h 46m 18.0s-29º 20' 00"8.8v1410Plei 
3486425Sco17h 47m 01.6s-31º 31' 46"7.2v2515Plei 
349IC4665Oph17h 46m 18.0s+05º 43' 00"4.2v2840Plei 
350 Oph17h 48m 07.0s+01º 21' 00"6.1v2540Plei 
351 Sgr17h 49m 04.0s-28º 45' 00"9.3v228Plei 
3526451Sco17h 50m 40.6s-30º 12' 42"8.2v407Praes 
3536469Sgr17h 53m 12.1s-22º 16' 30"8.2v358Plei 
3546475 (M7)Sco17h 53m 51.1s-34º 47' 34"3.3v6080Plei 
355Tr.30Sco17h 56m 30.0s-35º 19' 00"8.8p5010Plei 
3566494 (M23)Sgr17h 57m 04.7s-18º 59' 07"5.5v8530Praes 
357Tr.31Sgr17h 59m 49.0s-28º 10' 00"9.8v425Plei 
3586507Sgr17h 59m 50.7s-17º 27' 01"9.6v166Plei 
359Melotte 186Oph18h 01m 06.0s+02º 54' 00"3.0v15240Plei 
3606514Sgr18h 02m 20.9s-23º 01' 38"6.3v4030Neb 
3616520Sgr18h 03m 25.1s-27º 53' 28"7.6v206Plei 
3626530Sgr18h 04m 31.0s-24º 21' 29"4.6v2014Neb 
3636531 (M21)Sgr18h 04m 13.4s-22º 29' 24"5.9v25±13Plei 
3646540Sgr18h 06m 08.5s-27º 45' 55"14.6vnl1.5Praes 
3656546Sgr18h 07m 22.5s-23º 17' 46"8.0v2015Praes 
3666544Sgr18h 07m 20.5s-24º 59' 51"7.5vnl8.9Glob41
367 Sgr18h 09m 43.0s-23º 39' 35"6.41040Neb 
3686558Sgr18h 10m 18.3s-31º 45' 49"8.6vnl3.7Praes42
3696568Sgr18h 12m 45.1s-21º 34' 59"8.6v2912Plei 
3706583Sgr18h 15m 49.9s-22º 08' 09"10.0v30±5Praes 
3716595Sgr18h 17m 16.0s-19º 44' 30"7.0v124x3Neb43
372Tr.32SerCD18h 17m 10.4s-13° 20' 40"12.2p206Praes 
3736604SerCD18h 18m 02.9s-12º 14' 35"6.5v10±4μNorm 
3746603Sgr18h 18m 26.9s-18º 24' 22"11.1v(100)5Praes44
3756611 (M16)SerCD18h 18m 48.1s-13º 48' 26"6.0v3021Neb 
3766613 (M18)Sgr18h 19m 58.4s-17º 06' 07"6.9v1410Plei 
3776618Sgr18h 21m 09.0s-16º 10' 36"6.0v2727Neb45
378Tr.33Sgr18h 24m 42.0s-19º 43' 00"7.8v106Plei 
3796631Sct18h 27m 11.3s-12º 01' 52"11.7v20±7Praes 
3806633Oph18h 27m 15.2s+06º 30' 30"4.6v3020Plei 
3816642Sgr18h 31m 54.3s-23º 28' 35"8.9vnl5.8Glob46
382IC4725 (M25)Sgr18h 31m 36.0s-19º 15' 00"4.6v6032Praes 
3836645Sgr18h 32m 37.9s-16º 53' 02"8.5v10015Praes 
3846649Sct18h 33m 27.9s-10º 24' 10"8.9v155Praes 
3856664Sct18h 36m 33.3s-08º 13' 15"7.8v2816Praes 
386IC4756Ser 18h 39m 00.0s+05º 27' 00"4.6v12052Praes 
387Tr.34Sct18h 39m 48.0s-08º 29' 00"8.6v207Plei47
388Tr.35Sct18h 42m 54.0s-04º 08' 00"9.2v259Plei 
3896694 (M26)Sct18h 45m 18.6s-09º 23' 01"8.0v1814Praes 
3906704Sct18h 50m 45.7s-05º 12' 20"9.2v206Plei 
3916705 (M11)Sct18h 51m 05.9s-06º 16' 12"5.8v100±13Glob48
3926709Aql18h 51m 18.9s+10º 19' 07"6.7v4013Praes 
3936716Sgr18h 54m 34.3s-19º 54' 04"7.5v156Plei 
394 Sgr18h 52m 28.0s-20º 59' 28"6.3v2222Praes 
3956717Sgr18h 55m 05.9s-22º 42' 06"8.4vnl3.9Glob49
3966738Aql19h 01m 21.5s+11º 36' 56"8.3v2015Plei 
3976755Aql19h 07m 49.0s+04º 15' 59"7.5v2514Plei 
3986756Aql19h 08m 42.5s+04º 42' 21"10.6v(40)4Praes 
3994-5 Vul.Vul19h 25m 24.0s+20º 11' 00"3.6v1560Plei50
4006802Vul19h 30m 35.0s+20º 15' 39"8.8v2015Plei 
401 Aql19h 38m 24.0s-00º 20' 00"7p1μNorm 
4026811Cyg19h 37m 17.9s+46º 23' 20"6.8v4012Praes 
4036819Cyg19h 41m 18.0s+40º 11' 12"7.3v9295Plei 
4046820 Vul19h 42m 27.9s+23º 05' 17"14.9p60.8Neb51
4056823Vul19h 43m 09.8s+23º 18' 00"7.1v1312Plei 
4066830Vul19h 50m 59.5s+23º 06' 00"7.9v1512Plei 
4076834Cyg19h 52m 12.5s+29º 24' 29"7.8v405Praes 
408Harv.20Sge19h 53m 06.0s+18º 20' 00"7.7v209Plei 
4096838Sge19h 53m 46.1s+18º 46' 42"8.4v150±7.2Glob52
4106846Cyg19h 56m 28.0s+32º 20' 59"14.2v(40)0.5Plei 
411Mel.227Oct20h 17m 19.0s-79º 02' 00"5.3v2070Plei 
4126866Cyg20h 03m 55.1s+44º 09' 33"7.6v206Plei 
4136871Cyg20h 05m 59.3s+35º 46' 38"5.2v4530Plei 
414IC1311Cyg20h 10m 48.0s+41º 11' 00"13.1p(60)9Glob53
4156883Cyg20h 11m 19.7s+35º 49' 56"8.0v1835Plei 
4166882Vul20h 11m 55.8s+26º 29' 20"8.1v2020Plei54
4176885Vul20h 11m 55.8s+26º 29' 20"8.1v4020Plei54
418IC4996Cyg20h 16m 31.7s+37º 38' 35"7.3v125Plei 
419 Cyg20h 18m 06.0s+40º 43' 00"7.6v164.5μNorm 
4206910Cyg20h 23m 12.0s+40º 46' 43"7.4v167Plei 
421 Cyg20h 23m 18.0s+41º 42' 00"10.1p205Praes 
4226913 (M29)Cyg20h 23m 57.7s+38º 30' 28"6.6v156Plei 
4236939Cep20h 31m 30.1s+60º 39' 44"7.8v407Praes 
4246940Vul20h 34m 26.6s+28º 16' 58"6.3v9031Praes 
4256996Cyg20h 56m 29.9s+45º 28' 23"10.0v205Neb55
4266994 (M73)Aqr20h 58m 55.9s-12º 38' 08"8.9v(4)2.8Glob56
427 Cep20h 59m 30.0s+68º 10' 00"13.8v64Plei 
428 Cyg21h 03m 12.0s+44º 35' 00"8.7p4013Neb 
4297023 Cep21h 01m 35.5s+68º 10' 11"nlnl18Neb57
4307031Cyg21h 07m 12.5s+50º 52' 32"9.1v155Plei 
4317039Cyg21h 10m 47.7s+45º 37' 19"7.6v3525Plei 
432IC1369Cyg21h 12m 06.0s+47º 44' 00"8.8v108Plei 
4337044Cyg21h 13m 09.3s+42º 29' 46"12.0v403.5Praes 
4347062Cyg21h 23m 27.4s+46º 22' 43"8.3v106Praes 
4357063Cyg21h 24m 21.7s+36º 29' 15"7.0v107Plei 
4367067Cyg21h 24m 23.1s+48º 00' 34"9.7v(47)3Praes 
4377086Cyg21h 30m 27.5s+51º 36' 08"8.4v209Praes 
4387092 (M39)Cyg21h 31m 48.3s+48º 26' 55"4.6v2231Plei 
439IC1396Cep21h 39m 06.0s+57º 30' 00"3.5v3550Plei 
4407128Cyg21h 43m 57.7s+53º 42' 55"9.7v103.1Plei 
4417129Cep21h 42m 58.9s+66º 06' 47"11.5p77Plei 
4427142Cep21h 45m 09.4s+65º 46' 28"9.3v124.3Plei 
4437160Cep21h 53m 40.2s+62º 36' 12"6.1v167Plei 
4447209Lac22h 05m 07.8s+46º 29' 01"7.7v3025Praes 
445IC1434Lac22h 10m 30.0s+52º 50' 00"9.0p307Praes 
4467226Cep22h 10m 26.9s+55º 23' 55"9.6v(83)2Praes 
4477235Cep22h 12m 24.9s+57º 16' 17"7.7v124Plei 
4487243Lac22h 15m 08.5s+49º 53' 51"6.4v4021Plei 
4497245Lac22h 15m 11.5s+54º 20' 33"9.2v(169)5Plei 
4507261Cep22h 20m 11.3s+58º 07' 19"8.4v185Plei 
4517296Lac22h 28m 02.8s+52º 17' 21"9.7v103Plei 
4527380Cep22h 47m 20.9s+58º 07' 57"7.2v2012Plei 
4537419Cep22h 54m 20.0s+60º 48' 56"13.0v(40)6Praes 
4547510Cep23h 11m 03.7s+60º 34' 15"7.9v10±7Plei 
4557654 (M52)Cas23h 24m 50.4s+61º 36' 24"6.9v3516Praes 
4567686And23h 30m 07.3s+49º 08' 03"5.6v2014Plei58
4577762Cep23h 50m 01.7s+68º 02' 17"10.0p(40)15Praes 
458Harv.21Cas23h 54m 06.0s+61º 46' 00"9.0p10±6Plei59
4597788Cas23h 56m 45.5s+61º 24' 00"9.4v154Plei 
4607789Cas23h 57m 24.0s+56º 42' 30"6.7v10025Praes 
4617790Cas23h 58m 24.2s+61º 12' 30"8.5v185Plei 
462189 Cas00h 39m 35.7s+61º 05' 40"8.8v(90)5Plei 
463 (20a) Cas01h 48m 24.0s+71º 57' 00"nlnlnlPlei 
464 (60a) Cam05h 22m 00.0s+73º 00' 00"4.2pnl120Plei 
465 (127a) Mon07h 07m 12.0s-10º 37' 00"10.1pnl9Praes 
466 (127b) Mon07h 07m 18.0s-10º 49' 00"11.1p(25)4Praes 
467 (156a)(Mel 72 per A/H)Mon07h 38m 29.0s-10º 33' 00"10.1v(40)5Praes15
468 (364a) Sgr18h 06m 36.0s-27º 28' 00"11v80.9Plei 
469 (370a) Sgr18h 16m 33.0s-18º 18' 34"9.1v(51)2.6Plei 
470 (442a)IC5146Cyg21h 53m 24.0s+47º 16' 00"7.2v(110)9Neb 
471 (444a) Cep22h 07m 06.0s+72º 00' 00"nlnl130Plei 

Notes for Specific Objects

Nearly all the notes below were gleaned from the book Star Clusters by Brent A. Archinal and Steven J. Hynes. Specific references to portions of the book are provided where they seemed especially useful.

  1. Cr.8:  Collinder lists as the NGC designation for this cluster the number 281. However, NGC 281 is itself not a cluster, but a reflection nebula. The cluster Collinder studied here is properly designated IC 1590.
  2. Cr.21: Asterism.
  3. Cr.24 & Cr.25: The Double Cluster
  4. Cr.26:  More likely to be found on charts as IC 1805.
  5. Cr.32/33/34: Essentially all parts of one complex, IC 1848 per A/H pg 134.
  6. Cr. 39: Perseus Moving Cluster/Group (Mel 20).
  7. Cr. 41: Often depicted elsewhere as a bright nebula without mention of the loose cluster involved.
  8. Cr.50: TMC = Taurus Moving Cluster.
  9. Cr. 63: Associated with nebula IC 410.
  10. Cr. 69: a.k.a. Lambda Orionis cluster.
  11. Cr. 70: Orion belt cluster.
  12. Cr. 81: Sometimes erroneously listed as a globular cluster.
  13. Cr. 84: The NGC number listed by Collinder is properly assigned to the nebulosity surrounding Cr.84, NOT to the cluster itself (which may not actually be a cluster).
  14. Cr. 109 Some references give an erroneous location of 06h 38.4m +01° 11' due to an original error by Collinder.
  15. Cr.156:  According to A/H Collinder 156=Mel 72=Cr.467.
  16. Cr.182: It is possible that this is not an actual star cluster.
  17. Cr.191: The center of a super cluster (A/H p. 137); good binocular object.
  18. Cr. 199 and 202:  something of a messy situation, with Cr.202 (Harvard 3) being included as a separate cluster by various authors, but with very different coordinates, even though Harv. 3 is actually “inside” of NGC 2669 (Cr.199); Cr.202 is apparently a central condensation of the larger cluster. (See A/H p. 168)
  19. Cr. 206: an open cluster that actually includes a planetary nebula;  A/H argue that the planetary nebula should be given the NGC designation used by Collinder, with the cluster being identified as Cr.206.
  20. Cr. 220: In assembling his catalog Collinder incorrectly identified this cluster as NGC 3247, when it was in fact a “new” cluster. Sold himself short. The NGC number is left in the spreadsheet because some references have apparently perpetuated this error.
  21. Cr. 221: May not be a true star cluster.
  22. Cr. 233 and 234:  Both Collinder entries refer to the eta Carinae star cluster, with 234 applied by Collinder to the southern portion. The entire object is properly known as Trumpler 16.
  23. Cr. 239 & 240: Another cluster in a cluster; 239 = NGC 3572, while 240 should be only a Cr. #.
  24. Cr. 243 (Tr.19):  Described by Skiff as “not obvious in 0.35 degree field.”
  25. Cr. 254: Probably not a true cluster.
  26. Cr.257 & 258: Apparently labeled incorrectly some places as Harv. 5 or Hogg 74. (A/H p. 132 for details.)
  27. Cr. 264: J. Herschel’s “Jewel Box.”
  28. Cr. 265: Probably not a true cluster.
  29. Cr. 267: This is actually a globular cluster. (A/H p.237)
  30. Cr. 269: Probably not a true cluster.
  31. Cr. 283: Probably not a true cluster.
  32. Cr. 294: Probably not a true cluster.
  33. Cr. 314: According to A/H Collinder was apparently incorrect in identifying this cluster with NGC 6222. No NSOG reference to this cluster under either designation. However, older atlases such as Norton’s 19th edition show NGC 6222 is the specified position, as does the newer HB Astroatlas. The HCNGC lists NGC 6222 and Cr. 314 as synonymous.
  34. Cr. 316: Appears to be superposed on Tr. 24, and may be part of the same cluster.
  35. Cr. 328: Collinder and his mentor apparently thought this might be a globular cluster. Later studies have verified that this is indeed the case.
  36. Cr. 330: Another globular cluster caught up in Collinder’s survey.
  37. Cr. 334 & 335: Duplicate listings; NGC 6374 is not a separate open cluster.
  38. Cr. 339: Collinder provides NGC 6393 for this objects, which turns out to be a galaxy in Draco. The coordinates in Collinder’s catalog actually point to an object in Scorpius, and a check of the Historically Corrected New General Catalogue (HCNGC) Ver 1.02 shows NGC 6396 as the correct alias for Cr. 339. Data from the HCNGC has been used in the updated list.
  39. Cr. 346: Another misidentified globular cluster.
  40. Cr. 364: Another misidentified globular cluster.
  41. Cr. 366: This really is, as Collinder and Lundmark believed, a globular cluster.
  42. Cr. 368: Another globular cluster, which was not considered certain in Collinder’s time.
  43. Cr. 371: The NGC number applied by Collinder is actually a reference to the nebula around the cluster. He discovered the cluster himself, but apparently did not know he was first to make the distinction.
  44. Cr. 374: This cluster is embedded within M24.
  45. Cr. 377: Cluster associated with M17.
  46. Cr. 381: Yet another cluster considered a globular when Collinder assembled his catalog. It’s globular status has since been verified.
  47. Cr. 387: May not be a real cluster.
  48. Cr. 391: Collinder apparently considered M11 a globular cluster.
  49. Cr. 395: A strange “object” that appears to be globular cluster NGC 6717 (Palomar 9) very near IC 4802, an OC along the same line of sight.
  50. Cr. 399: The ‘Coathanger’ asterism, which is not a true star cluster.
  51. Cr. 404: May be an asterism associated with nebula NGC 6820.
  52. Cr. 409: Globular cluster M71.
  53. Cr. 414: Was considered a possible globular cluster when Collinder made the catalog.
  54. Cr. 416 & 417: Possibly only a part of NGC 6885.
  55. Cr. 425: Probably an asterism in a nebulous region.
  56. Cr. 426:  It is thought that Collinder’s description of M73 is actually for M72, a globular cluster, and not the object he intended for Cr. 426.
  57. Cr. 429: Possible cluster associated with NGC 7023; the NGC number does not actually refer to his cluster.
  58. Cr. 456: May not be a true cluster.
  59. Cr.458: Another grouping that may not be a real cluster.
  60. Cr. 471: Associated with the nebula identified by IC 5146; this number does not apply directly to the cluster.

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