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Star Gaze Hawaii

Jul 15 2006 02:51 AM | timmbottoni in Travels

Recommendations for Astronomy Observing on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Adventures at the Apollo Rendezvous

Jun 19 2006 10:15 AM | CN_Admin in Travels

And a good time was had by all...

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CN Reports: NEAF 2006 - Part I

May 09 2006 05:12 PM | CN_Admin in Travels

There aren't too many astronomy shows that any sane amateur would drive towards light pollution for, but none the less, that's what I seem to find myself doing each year right around this time.

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April Travels with Harvey

Feb 16 2006 06:38 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Travels

Saturday, 17 April 1999 brought the first truly good dark-sky weekend to central California in over three months, so I eagerly packed Harvey, my Celestron 14,

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Harvey Meets the Star Queen

Feb 16 2006 06:37 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Travels

On 18 July, 1998, I went to Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista, California, with a telescope I had not observed with for over a decade; namely, my 1981 vintage Celestron 14.
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Sierra Trip and Observing Report

Feb 16 2006 06:35 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Travels

In June, 1999, I had an unusual opportunity to combine a short trip to an area interesting in its own right, with a hobby activity of the kind about which I am most manic: The Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society had invited some of us San Francisco Bay area

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Harvey in the Sierra

Feb 16 2006 06:33 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Travels

I enjoyed my visit to the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society's Sierra Nevada site in June so much that I joined, so I could go back. On Saturday, July 10, I loaded Harvey, the Celestron 14, into my Geo Metro, and set off

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Travels with Harvey: Ghosts, spiderwebs, and galactic fast food

Feb 16 2006 06:10 AM | Jay_Reynolds_Freeman in Travels

On 21 and 22 August, 1998, I took Harvey, my white Celestron 14, to Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista, California. We had quite dark sky, though the fog below did not get dense till rather late on the second night.

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Gnoming Reporter Visits GLSG, 2005

Dec 12 2005 02:13 AM | Knuklhdastrnmr in Travels

A gnoming visit to the Great Lakes Star Gaze.

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CN Reports: NEAF 2005 (Part 2)

Apr 22 2005 01:35 PM | CN_Admin in Travels

And now - the conclusion! (Well - almost, look for interviews with TeleVue and William Optics to appear in the next couple of weeks.) You might want to read Part 1 first...

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