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Great Lakes Star Gaze - 2003 - First Annual

Mar 29 2011 06:34 AM | CN_Admin in Other Reports

This month marked a new era for Michigan: the return of its annual statewide star party. Not since SMURFS folded have all Michigan amateurs had an event they could truly call their own

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StarLab: A Portable Planatarium

Mar 29 2011 06:23 AM | CN_Admin in Other Reports

Imagine that you have the ability to walk into a room at anytime and see the night sky. Imagine having your own personal planetarium. Now imagine that it is portable, and will easily fit in

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Kufeld Telrad Vs. Rigel Quickfinder

Mar 29 2011 05:24 AM | David Knisely in Accessories Reports

I had purchased a QuickFinder to put on the front of the dewcap of my 100mm f/6 refractor, as I was occasionally having trouble getting to the new "correct-image" right angle optical finder I had installed earlier

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Readers Choice: Gear of the Year 2010

Feb 18 2011 08:41 AM | CN_Admin in CN Reports

Nominated by you, chosen by you - here's the top gear of 2010...

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CN Reports Review: Orion SkyQuest XX14i

Jan 12 2011 10:58 AM | David Knisely in New CN Reports in [!monthname!]

The Orion SkyQuest XX14i Truss-tube Dobsonian is a fairly nice large aperture instrument for the amateur who needs something a bit bigger than what is usually offered by the solid tubed telescopes.

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iAstronomy 1.0

Sep 02 2010 12:59 PM | CN_Admin in CN Reports

In this new series, join us in taking a look at astronomical applications for the Apple iDevices...

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Explore Scientific 82 deg. series 24mm Eyepiece

Jul 15 2010 03:49 AM | David Knisely in CN Reports

The Explore Scientific 82 degree-series 24mm Eyepiece is a fine performer at a moderate cost. Its size and weight may occasionally make it more difficult to use in small to moderate sized telescopes.

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Comparing Binoculars - GO22x85, WO22x70, Tak22x60

Mar 18 2010 06:52 AM | EdZ in Binocular Reports

First, let me say these are three fine binoculars. Oh yes, one is better than the others, but none of the three would be something you wouldn’t want to own. I've measured many binoculars of all sizes. Some of the measures put up by one or the other of these three rank among

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Orion SKYGLOW Broad-band Light Pollution Filter

Jan 12 2010 10:31 AM | David Knisely in Accessories Reports

There has been considerable controversy concerning the effectiveness of various broad-band “Light Pollution Reduction” filters ever since the first decent ones appeared in the early 1980's. Some observers contend that

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Binocular Illumination: Comparing Illumination in the GO22x85, WO22x70 and Tak22x60

Dec 30 2009 08:35 AM | EdZ in Binocular Reports

We often hear people state exit pupil is what determines the brightness of your binoculars. But stop for a moment and think, that does not explain why sometimes it seems that two binoculars, even with the same size exit pupil, do not

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