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Apple does it again, maybe.

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Apple TV.

You ask what is Apple TV?

From what I can tell Apple TV will stream videos from your ITunes compatible computer to any TV with their magic box attached to it.

Why is this cool?

It may not be cool for everyone, but for me it is a great idea. One of my other hobbies, besides music, is movies. My DVD collection is borderline obsessive with well over 2000 titles in it. With this many titles it makes it near impossible to store everything in a normal and systematical order. I have shelves for the movies, but movies are all over my house. Bedside tables, dressers, cabinets, cars, etc etc. What Apple TV provides me with is a central location for the movies stored on hard drives. Before this device came about there was only one real solution, Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is a great product, but well out of my price range. To store all the movies, buy the software and hardware, and have it installed, I would be looking at over $100,000. I just about fainted when I started to investigate the price. My investigation stopped as soon as I woke up and got off the floor.

Apple TV asks for a small $299 price for the equipment then you hook it to your computer wirelessly. It reads what you have stored in your iTunes library and will display it on your television. You have your own movies on demand. It will also display HD which is just so darn cool for a device that is priced at this level. You will also need some sort of archival software that allows you to make backups of your dvd collection. You just have to make sure your hard drive is big enough to hold your collection as an average DVD is about 2-4 gigs without the making of extras and that sort of thing. If not, there are plenty of network storage devices that are reasonably priced.

I am not sure how well the wireless transmission would work, so I would prefer to run CAT5 cable to the computer from the piece of equipment.

The other great thing about iTunes is that it will display your personal pictures so you can look at everything you have stored on a big screen rather then a computer monitor. It will also stream music and anything else you can store in iTunes.

Apple TV is taking home media and moving it into the next century. Well, at least it looks that way on paper. I don’t have the system yet, but I should have it soon. I will tell you guys how it works in the near future.


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