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The Beatles

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I said I wouldn’t be controversial, but I may start out that way purely by accident. A nearly universal fact is that The Beatles released the greatest rock album of all time in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Having grown up on The Beatles, (massive digression)

I was born in 1972 and this is the only rock music my parents approved of. And this wasn’t on cassette or 8 track. This was the real deal, vinyl. Heck we didn’t have a VCR or Cable until 1988 or so. 80’s pop was harmless on the radio, but as far as music in the house went, I had The Beatles. For a music project in 5th grade people were bringing in Michael Jackson and Duran Duran themed projects. Me, I built a drum set out of coffee cans that said Ringo Star’s Magical Mystery Drum set. The music teacher thought I was nuts.

Anyway, having grown up with The Beatles I couldn’t agree with that statement any less. While Pepper’s is a fantastic album and shaped music for decades to come, the real deal was Revolver.

Help and Rubber Soul started to shape the goodness that was The Beatles, but Revolver was all that and more. With songs like Eleanor Rigby, Taxman, Yellow Submarine, Got To Get You Into My Life, and the under appreciated For No One (with one of the most beautiful melodies and string arrangements ever recorded for this genre.) You will be hard pressed to find a more complete album. If you put it into historical content there wasn’t anything like this at all. The Beatles weren’t breaking new ground, they were conquering new territory.

I am sure I will hear from the Stones fans about this. Don’t get me wrong the Rolling Stones are a marvelous band, they just play a different type of music. Not only that, but when they tried to make an album in the mold of Revlover/Sgt. Pepper’s they failed miserably.

I won’t forget about The Who either, but they were laying the groundwork for bands like Led Zeppelin. Loud and hard.

It still amazes me to this day that four musical geniuses were in the same band, heck in the same musically time period, again in the same region of the world. There will never be another band like The Beatles and never be another album like Revolver.

Go home, blow off your records, CD, cassette, 8 track, whatever (except ITunes since The Beatles still haven’t come to an agreement to digitally share their music. I still think Apple records holds a grudge against Steve Jobs.) and listen to the greatness of Revolver.


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