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The Bright Wars

The Bright Wars
(A Journalistic Observation Log)

"Looking is not observing. So many look but few observe."

Rchard Baum

This is the journey of the TV-102 Light Cup into our wonderful solar system. The really convenient thing about "shallow sky" observation is that no dark adaptation is needed and observation can be performed from your own light polluted backyard! And the really facilitating thing about the 4-inch telescope (like the TV-102) is that it's so quick to deploy on a whim, so quick to cool down and yet still have enough aperture and resolution to tease out some stunning shallow sky details. We invite you to taste the smoking aromaof the Light Cup on:

City-Slicker Light Cup & Martian Night Life

Mar 28 2005 11:20 AM | Ron B[ee] in Mars

Well, it's done; the Country Light Cup has now turned into a city slicker Light Cup! In a way, this is our first light in the city (a suburb of San Diego). I approached this observation with great anxiety and trepidation.

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Light Cup Phasic Beginning

Mar 28 2005 11:15 AM | Ron B[ee] in Mars

"I Spy the South Polar Cap". Just like the kid's game, can you see it J? Wow, this was the first time that the SPC was not the first obvious feature since 04/27! The cap no longer have a well defined boundary.

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Tips for Observing Saturn

Mar 15 2005 10:02 AM | Ron B[ee] in The Bright Wars

I seemed to recall not to longer ago when I first started observing Saturn and could sure enough see the ring. However, I couldn't even tell the difference what they're or how the Crepe Ring look like through a small telescope

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Tips for Observing Jupiter

Mar 15 2005 09:46 AM | Ron B[ee] in The Bright Wars

My TV-102 Light Cup has put together a collection of tips, guides, etc. to help new observers with Jupiter and Saturn. I seemed to recall not too long ago when I first started observing Jupiter and could sure enough see both bands easily.

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Light Cup & the Dwindling Mars

Mar 15 2005 09:11 AM | Ron B[ee] in Mars

Wow, it's been almost a month since I saw my favorite planet and boy, oh, boy has it gotten shrunk down quite a bit and dimmer by almost a full magnitude!

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Light Cup saw Equatorial Cap?

Mar 15 2005 09:01 AM | Ron B[ee] in Mars

The SPC seems brighter than last month, still white. But what is this? There appears to be a new "equatorial cap" just south of the equator at the Preceding Rim, white and brighter and much larger than the SPC.

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