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Tips for Observing Jupiter

Tips on Observing Jupiter

My TV-102 Light Cup has put together a collection of tips, guides, etc. to help new observers with Jupiter and Saturn. I seemed to
recall not too long ago when I first started observing Jupiter and could sure enough see both bands easily. However, I couldn't even
tell the difference between the NEB and SEB . The GRS wasn't the GRS at all but the GRS Hollow and it would be sometime
afterward before I actually saw the "Great Pale Spot". I hope you find the collections useful as I myself still have a life-long learning
on Jupiter to do .

ALPO Jupiter Section
Jupiter Observing Guide
Jupiter's Drawing
Jupiter Nomenclature
Observing Jupiter with ETX
Jupiter Features
Jupiter's Features and Sizes through different apertures
Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Jupiter's Moons
Jupiter's Moons

Jupiter Survival Tool - The Planets (a MUST HAVE)
S&T Jupiter Applet

Daily (almost daily anyway) Images of Jupiter
Jupiter 2004 animation


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