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Tips for Observing Saturn

Tips on Observing Saturn

"Annulo cingitur tenui, plano, nusquam cohaerente, ad elipticam inclinato"
translated as "[Saturn] is surrounded by a thin flat ring, nowhere touching and inclined to the eliptic"
Christiaan uygens (1659)

I can probably go out on the limb and rim and assert that anyone who has looked at Saturn through a telescope is simply overtaken by its beauty. My TV-102 Light Cup has put together a collection of tips, guides, etc. to help new observers with Saturn. I seemed to recall not to longer ago when I first started observing Saturn and could sure enough see the ring. However, I couldn't even tell the difference what they're or how the Crepe Ring look like through a small telescope.. I hope you find the collections useful as I myself still have a life-long learning on The Ring Planet to do .

ALPO Saturn Section
Saturn 2002 Guide
Guide to observing Saturn
Saturn's Observing Guide
Descriptive View of the Planet Saturn
of Saturn
Lord of the Rings
Saturn's Rings
Which Encke?
Changing Color of Saturn
Brief History of Saturn's Observation
Brief History of Saturn's Observation (1600's)

Saturn Survival Tool - The Planets (a MUST HAVE)
Saturn's Current Moons Position
Hubble's Photo
of Saturn Lunar Shadow Transit
Sketch of Saturn Lunar Shadow Transit


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