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The Light Cup Desserts

You have stumbled upon these delicious, sweet "desserts" being served cold by my TV-102 Light Cup. Please
take a moment to try some samples from the internet plate.

Walter Scott Houston and his dear 4-inch Clark refractor
Messier did it with small telescopes!
See the "real thing"
First telescope should be like first love
Which refractor? I like the 2nd answer, but my piggy bank likes the 1st answer
Your telescope may be "bigger" than you think
Learn the DSO rope
Learn to hop before you learn to walkLet Skyhound be your DSO guide
DSO with small telescope - may the first witness take the stand
What is the speed limit of your telescope?
The Three Commandments of DSO observation
"Where? How come I can't see it?"
Let's give the DSO eye some aerobics
Place your bet on the visual roulette
Herschel 400 List with 55mm refractor - Believe it or not!
Dark Site of the Force - 4-inch saber-fractor's best friend
Wanna dilate your 4-inch pupil? Planetary nebulae is your eye drop
I say planetary nebula you planetary nebulae
Has anyone seen NGC 0? J
DSP is not a digital signal processor, but a "Deep Sky Pronto" (see astro log)
Let me guess, DSO stands for "DeepSky Small Optics"
Catching aperture fever, try a cup of medicine:
advil (scroll down to "Q: Are those little refractors really better than a bigger scope??")
still feverish, ok go ahead, load it up

Using your small scope less and less, try these rejuvenating ...

Feeling depressed, under polluted gray sky, try a double doze of tonics...
Tequila (Double trouble? Here's how to double up)
Bloody Mary
Double over help desk
A 4-inch refractor for planets, you're kidding, right?
Planetary observing hints
Mars, Mars, ..., come again every other year...
Skyhound Mar's trap
Skyhound Mar's features
Mars Section 31
Will the real Mars through a 4-inch refractor please stand?
What about Mars through an 85mm refractor?
Say, I ain't no shutter bug - where's the sketch?
Planet Mars Chronology

Feeling blue under the blue moon? Try these cheesy spells...
The constantly changing inconstant moon
Free map
One. little two, little three, little Plato...
Sky too polluted for DSO? What if craters, rimas, rilles, etc. were assigned NGC numbers?

And don't forget to sip some astro-coffee served in an internet china on your way out.
Deep Sky Objects through the TV-102
Deep Sky Objects by the TV-102
Jupiter and Saturn by TV-102

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