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2003 Skies

November Skies (2003)

Aug 02 2005 09:09 AM | cookman in 2003 Skies

Since Earth increases its orbital lead over Mars from 45 days to 70 days this month, Mars dims and its apparent size decreases. Mars diminishes from a width of 15 to 11 arcseconds in November and drops from magnitude -1.1

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January Skies (2003)

Aug 01 2005 07:46 AM | cookman in 2003 Skies

Comet 2P/Enke just passed through perihelion on December 29 and moves through Aquarius and Capricornus in January. It remains within glow of the Sun until February when it reappears in the morning sky on the other

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December Skies (2003)

Jul 29 2005 12:13 PM | cookman in 2003 Skies

Mars spends December in the western part of Pisces, beneath the circlet. It is high in the south at sunset and diminishes to a width of 10 seconds of arc by mid-month, 40% of the maximum achieved during the late

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August Skies (2003)

Mar 31 2005 12:09 PM | cookman in 2003 Skies

Mars reaches opposition on August 28th when the Sun and Mars are in opposite directions and Mars is normally closer to Earth than any other time of year.

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