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Uncle Rod

Just a quiet little spot where Your Old Uncle Rod can share his adventures and misadventures with you...

The Cost of a Good Eyepiece Redux

Apr 24 2009 08:56 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

Me? I wouldn’t call myself an Ethos-a-holic, not yet, though I have two and am thinkin’ about a third. I still use other eyepieces. Once in a while. Yes, I’ve made a few posts on various forums defending the Es, but I do recognize they are not for

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Rod’s Resolutions

Jan 06 2009 04:49 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

New Year’s Day and Oh My Achin’ Head Time. Again. Your Old Uncle Rod was fairly sensible this year; at least he didn’t run amok or say anything acutely embarrassin’ to anybody. I think, or at least hope, them years is over.

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The Silicon Sky Part 2: Planners

Nov 24 2008 05:25 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

If you’ll recall, we talked about astronomy computer programs a couple of weeks back, specifically amateur astronomy software for observers. Even more specifically, planetarium programs.

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SCTs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nov 17 2008 04:43 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

This ain’t got nothin’ to do with Sergio Leone’s urpic spaghetti westerns, but his title seems apt to describe the SCTs us amateurs have been

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The Silicon Sky Part I: Planetariums for PCs

Nov 17 2008 04:40 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

Your ol Unk Rod ain’t gonna pretend he’s the most computer-savvy dude out there. What exactly goes on inside them mysterious boxes that set on the desktop is still

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The 8-mm Ethos Faces Dark Skies

Nov 07 2008 04:09 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

"Astronomy is a game for the patient." How well ol’ Unk knows the truth of that little maxim. After 43 years in this glorious avocation, I know all too well that when the brass ring finally seems in reach is when you sometimes get plumb skunked

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The Laser and Laptop Wars: Star Party Etiquette for Modern Times

Oct 20 2008 07:49 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

Until just a little while ago, formulatin’ and enforcing light rules at the average star party was a pretty easy thing to do. You made sure everybody understood and adhered to a simple stricture: no white light

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The Celestron SkyScout: Uncle Rod was Wrong

Oct 20 2008 07:47 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

Yeah, despite what you might think (or more likely what I might tell you), it happens. Unk is wrong, wrong, wrong. Now, some folks might say that that is not exactly an uncommon experience. I dunno about that, but one thing I will say is

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Old 37 Under the Stars with a DSLR

Oct 20 2008 07:45 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

How do you get down to these short(er) f/ls with a Meade or Celestron? You use a focal reducer. Which I do almost always—both f/6.3s and f/3.3s as appropriate. Tain’t no such thing as a free lunch though. The reducers work pretty well for me. But I ain’t aimin to

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Ethos Mania and the Cost of a Good Eyepiece

Oct 02 2008 05:38 AM | rmollise in Uncle Rod

I can’t believe how much cryin’, whinin’, and downright bad-mouthin’ has resulted from TeleVue’s release (in batches) of their new Ethos 100 degree apparent field of view eyepieces

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