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What’s Up - IC 4665 in Ophiuchus

Aug 10 2013 04:46 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

Just scanning along our galaxy can dredge up plenty of clusters and nebulae to keep you enthralled for hours. Just lean back in that comfy camp chair and watch it all go by.

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What’s Up M 6 and NGC 6416

Jul 13 2013 01:24 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

I am going to assume that if you are reading this then you have had at least some time out under truly dark skies. I do wish that for you. While there, if you noticed two bright spots in the Milky Way near the Stinger stars of Scorpius, then you have seen M 6.

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What’s Up - NGC 4565

Jun 20 2013 04:13 PM | stevecoe in What's Up

I do enjoy a great view of an edge-on galaxy, and here we are at one of most beautiful of those.

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What's Up - NGC 3242 in Hydra

May 18 2013 07:17 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

I have always loved planetary nebulae, they have such interesting detail and are so different one from another. Because some of these nebulae are similar in shape and color to Uranus, William Herschel coined the name “planetary nebula”. He should know since he discovered Uranus.

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What's Up - M 35 and NGC 2158

Apr 13 2013 02:30 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

Now, for something completely different.  What I am going to begin with this article is to take on the sky one field of view at a time.  These articles will provide lots of information and observations about a few, or even just one, deep sky object at a time.

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What's Up - Taurus (2)

Mar 01 2013 01:34 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

This is going to be the last What’s Up in the constellation format I have been using for the past 8 years. I have covered the entire sky except a few constellations that have virtually no deep sky objects—Equuleus, as an example. I have covered all the brightest deep sky objects and it has been an enjoyable journey for the writer, hopefully for the reader as well.

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What’s Up Perseus (2)

Feb 02 2013 02:30 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

I know that I have said this before, but it bears repeating. I like constellations like Perseus because this area of the sky contains a wide variety of object types. From planetary and emission nebulae to open clusters and galaxies there is lots to see within the boundaries of the Hero.

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What’s Up - Cassiopeia (2)

Nov 03 2012 03:05 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

Here we are at our second pass through the deep sky objects in Cassiopeia. This Fall constellation really is quite obvious under dark skies, an “M” or “W” shape in the Milky Way. I included four objects this time, one nebula and three open clusters. There is lots of detail to see in all of them.

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What’s Up - Aquila (2)

Sep 06 2012 04:44 PM | stevecoe in What's Up

Aquila, the Eagle is right in the middle of the Milky Way glow and high enough above the horizon to provide clear, sharp views of many deep sky objects. It does not get better than that!

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What’s Up - Scorpius (2)

Jul 19 2012 12:58 AM | stevecoe in What's Up

Let’s take a look at the big “fish hook” in the sky and see what I did not fit into my last article on Scorpius.

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