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The NEAF 2009 Photojournal: Part 1

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NEAF2009 Part1

NEAF 2009 Photojournal - Part 1
Tom Trusock - 4/09

NEAF has been a yearly pilgrimage now for five or six years, with the photo journal tradition following.  I'd though that our webcams would obliterate the need for this piece, but apparently the gearheads out there (you know who you are) can't seem to get enough.   I know I can't.

NEAF has become busier and busier for me, while at the same time becoming larger and larger - so right off the bat I want to apologize.  I know that I didn't get everyone, and in retrospect there were some obvious misses - the ShamWow guy for instance...  (And yes, there really was a ShamWow booth there.  No it wasn't THE ShamWow guy, but his neighbors told me he was almost as irritating.)

It always seems odd that for an astronomy venture that I leave the fairly dark skies of the Michigan's Thumb to fly into New York and head north to the Suffern area. But then again this is one astronomy event in the US that is unabashedly not about observing - nighttime observing anyway. 

For those of you unaware of what NEAF is, exactly - well the acronym stands for North East Astronomical Forum, and it's the biggest trade show in the US.   One weekend in April each year, hundreds of vendors and thousands of amateurs descend on Rockland Community College to see what's new in gearland, and we have yet to be disappointed.  For those of you who dip your feet into the imaging waters, NEAF is proceeded by it's accompanying imaging conference, NEAIC.  Combined, the two boasted over 4000 astronomers in attendance, a good showing for any year, let along one that marks a deep, worldwide recession.

Without further adieu, I present just a few of the sights of NEAF2009.

No airport security problems for us this year.  Beer, yes - and a new travelling partner!

What's this?  An SRF with Mirrors?  Scott Beith never ceases to surprise...

Barry Crist makes some really cool little minitures.

Tom Peters - creator of the Discmount.

A small display, but most impressive.

Ok Borg guys, start drooling.

Mike Fowler of Vixen

Daniel Mounsey from Woodland Hills

Need an imaging accessory?

Normand Fullum, and some truly wonderful telescopes.

David Nagler shows off the OTHER new product (the 10mm Ethos being announced prior to NEAF) the 1.5x extender for their IS scopes.

Bill from Earthwin

John Hou from Ioptron stands next to a prototype of their new product.  This mount is leaps and bounds above their previous mounts.  Their engineer told me they gave him the freedom to design a mount that he'd want to image with and it shows.  The only plastic on this guy is on the handcontroller.  No price point yet, but expected availbility is later this year.  It won't be *cheap* though, just looking at it, I can tell you that.

Another shot of the Supreme mount, and the colorful cube display.

The guys from ED.

Apogee Instruments.

High Point always holds down the corner with a nice display.


WOW!  For those of you who
 weren't there, that's a 10" apo.

WOW!!  Uh, I'll take two.  Put em on Gary's credit card, and throw in the El Capitan while you're at it.

Another shot of the 10" and Gummies from Europe.  Not all were kid friendly.  Just what that means, I'll leave to your imagination.  Markus also had a chocolate display.

Markus looking quite happy at the opening of APM America.

Meade had several telescopes on display including their new EXT LS.

Vic Maris from SV grins for the camera.

Techinal Innovations ~5k robodome (complete sans scope) allows for shirtsleves observing in all kinds of weather.

It's not just gear, metorites were there as well.

Al Francis from Moonlight

The one and only Howie Glatter.

HIS Glass Works had some spectacular creations.

The Pope, Galileo and a surprisingly calm Mike Loffland all got some good exercise over the weekend.

Stay tuned, there's more to come. 
  • New telescopes from Astro-Tech
  • The NEAF Solar Star Party
  • AP's new imager
  • A truly MASSIVE Optical Guidance System Telescope
  • More observatories
  • Tak's lead designer
  • A closeup of the new Lunt pressure tuner


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