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Review of a discarded 2003 National Geographic Society 50mm Refractor

Mar 01 2024 07:00 AM | timmywampus in User Reviews

The scope, as tested for this review, would be one that I would be willing to give to a person that I did not like, but even then, I like astronomy too much to spite someone away from the hobby. For free, this telescope was worth picking up and providing a day’s worth of entertainment, but I would rather spend $27.99 on other equipment. Conclusion: Do not buy, whether in “Classic” or “Modern Era” trim.

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Unitron Model 114 - a quick look

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | bmwscopeguy in User Reviews

If today’s entry level scopes could offer this combination of optical performance and smooth/rigid mounts – the manufacturers wouldn’t be bedeviled by constant negative reviews.

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Software Bisque Paramount MyT 10 Year Review

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | cchinckley in User Reviews

While a long time ago, I was educated as a physicist and was a power engineer until I migrated to other areas of the power industry. Mine is a useful perspective to bring to a review of the electro-mechanical equipment used in astrophotography, and I am reviewing my Paramount MyT mount after about 10 years of use. Here is the punch line: while there is serial defect and a series of lessons learned, I love this mount and the Software Bisque company, and their support of this product is flawless. I have experience with other mid-size mounts as well.

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Daystar Filters’ SR-127 ‘QT’ Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope (Chromosphere Model)

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | RHannahoe in User Reviews

In the end, all of my friend’s and my work testing the telescope and documenting in detail its deficiencies against its stated specifications were a waste of time and energy, and ultimately changed nothing. Daystar would not stand behind its product. At this point, I would never purchase another telescope from them.

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Review of the 20” f/3.4 Reginato Supermaser

Dec 01 2023 07:00 AM | davidefg in User Reviews

It is difficult to find downsides for such a telescope. There are certainly some aspects that can be improved, as I pointed out in the review, but overall it is a jewel. The best proof is that since I have it I used the Takahashi four times: twice to compare it to the Supermaser and twice for observations with friends (one of them broke his leg and couldn’t reach the eyepiece with the Supermaser).

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North Star Equatorial Platform

Nov 01 2023 05:04 AM | Feidb in User Reviews

If you’ve got a light scope and don’t mind the gross lack of precision, this might be the platform for you, but I wouldn’t use anything larger than a 12, and that’s pushing it, if you can even get it undamaged right out of the box. I’ve heard other stories of it working fine especially if tweaked, but in my experience it was an expensive failed lesson.

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Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ

Nov 01 2023 05:00 AM | bmwscopeguy in User Reviews

Bottom line: They’re worthless – don’t buy one. If someone gives you one, put it in the garbage and cut them out of your will. They put out so much good astro gear. I can only think that this scope and other bargain basement scopes must fall under a different division. But I suppose as long as Walmart, Costco and the rest of the retailers can sell them to an unsuspecting public – it will continue. Celestron should be embarrassed to sell this scope. I can only wonder how many budding astronomists have been turned off by scopes like these?

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iOptron HAZ-46 Alt Azi Mount Review

Oct 01 2023 05:00 AM | urright4me in User Reviews

I would recommend the HAZ46 mount to anyone that wants a rock solid, portable, easy to use mount with excellent GoTo, tracking, and sharp star tracking (for up to 30s exposures as tested). It is an expensive mount and does not fit every pocket book, so price is one negative aspect especially for imaging aficionados who may not want to pay a lot for a simple alt-azi mount. I cannot comment on long term astrophotography, however, after shooting about 15-20, 30 second exposures with my dslr’s I am very pleased with how tight the stars appear. I am happy to say that the HAZ46 strain wave gear/motor control system is a vast improvement over the older MiniTower2, etc. which I have used for many years. The HAZ46 Mount is a keeper and will be fielded at both of the upcoming eclipses for solar imaging and viewing.

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OGMA AP26CC Review

Oct 01 2023 05:00 AM | WhooptieDo in User Reviews

Overall, I am very happy with my OGMA. It's much more reliable than my QHY has ever been. Juan has been super receptive to my communications, and I have no doubt that if something did go wrong, he'd be 100% behind his product. I am still tweaking some settings, and will likely start running 180 second exposures as well. If you’re an astrophotographer living in the US, I think this one should be a no-brainer.

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Brandon Vernonscope 94mmF7 APO first impressions.

Sep 01 2023 05:00 AM | bmwscopeguy in User Reviews

I am fascinated by the scope. It is simple, elegant, well made and performs well (in limited testing) – and it has a history, which I always consider important. (will your Uber Chinese APO still be around in 50 years with a story to tell…?)

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