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A Couple of Awesome Books I Came Across

Jul 01 2024 05:04 AM | UrbanAstronomer in User Reviews

I like this book so much, I bought a spiral bound printed copy as well as the electronic version. After all, the electronic version is only $6.50 and you can print out whichever page covering whichever constellation that you’ll be focusing on for the evening's observing session.

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Review of Taurus Telescopes’ 12 inch T- 300 Ultra-light Dobsonian

Jun 01 2024 05:01 AM | SpitzA3P in User Reviews

Taurus makes a fine scope. Adam answered all my emailed questions , and there were many, thoroughly and helpfully. Turns out, I was once only about 5 miles from his shop, when we drove from Krakow to Zakopane, Poland a few years ago. I have found Adam to be honest, helpful, and to design and build very nice ultralights. While I have found that Smart Astrographs like Unistellar and SeeStar can be a lot of fun, especially in cities, viewing the heavens through a real eyepiece is an experience like no other. I am considering buying a second Taurus, the 20 inch f 4.2, or possibly the 24 inch f 3.3 , which at 12,500 Euros is about double the price of the 20 inch. (As you may know, price goes up much faster than size, after a certain aperture).

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Quick review of the Mini 500 Pier TRUK from Astro TUFF TRUK

Jun 01 2024 05:00 AM | Ybkim1 in User Reviews

I have wanted a pier for some time. My Ioptron Literoc tripod works great, but I’ve had a recurring nightmare that one night it will topple over in a stiff wind. My largest OTA is a Celestron 9.25 inch Edge HD, which is bulky and can act like a sail. For a while I considered building a DIY pier in my backyard. I even had the exact location planned out. Problem is, I cannot access all targets of interest from that one location due to tall trees to the south, and so a fixed pier would not work. Enter the Mini 500 Pier TRUK, from Astro TUFF TRUK.

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Sky-watcher P 130/650 Starquest review

May 01 2024 05:00 AM | Nikolai De Silva in User Reviews

Overall, the Sky-watcher P 130/650 Starquest Telescope is a durable, good beginner telescope with which you can enjoy views to remember forever. It's really reasonable to afford and brings you a sensation of quality.

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A Quick Review of the 28” Reginato Super Maser

May 01 2024 05:00 AM | il_galassiere in User Reviews

It was since year 2020, by then in my sixties, that I conceived the idea to buy a very serious and powerful instrument for my long-standing visual observations. The choice fell on a Reginato Super Maser 28-inch Newtonian telescope with standard alt-azimuthal fork mount. Hereafter are the seven more significant values of my choice:

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Review of a discarded 2003 National Geographic Society 50mm Refractor

Mar 01 2024 07:00 AM | timmywampus in User Reviews

The scope, as tested for this review, would be one that I would be willing to give to a person that I did not like, but even then, I like astronomy too much to spite someone away from the hobby. For free, this telescope was worth picking up and providing a day’s worth of entertainment, but I would rather spend $27.99 on other equipment. Conclusion: Do not buy, whether in “Classic” or “Modern Era” trim.

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Unitron Model 114 - a quick look

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | bmwscopeguy in User Reviews

If today’s entry level scopes could offer this combination of optical performance and smooth/rigid mounts – the manufacturers wouldn’t be bedeviled by constant negative reviews.

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Software Bisque Paramount MyT 10 Year Review

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | cchinckley in User Reviews

While a long time ago, I was educated as a physicist and was a power engineer until I migrated to other areas of the power industry. Mine is a useful perspective to bring to a review of the electro-mechanical equipment used in astrophotography, and I am reviewing my Paramount MyT mount after about 10 years of use. Here is the punch line: while there is serial defect and a series of lessons learned, I love this mount and the Software Bisque company, and their support of this product is flawless. I have experience with other mid-size mounts as well.

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Daystar Filters’ SR-127 ‘QT’ Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope (Chromosphere Model)

Feb 01 2024 07:00 AM | RHannahoe in User Reviews

In the end, all of my friend’s and my work testing the telescope and documenting in detail its deficiencies against its stated specifications were a waste of time and energy, and ultimately changed nothing. Daystar would not stand behind its product. At this point, I would never purchase another telescope from them.

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Review of the 20” f/3.4 Reginato Supermaser

Dec 01 2023 07:00 AM | davidefg in User Reviews

It is difficult to find downsides for such a telescope. There are certainly some aspects that can be improved, as I pointed out in the review, but overall it is a jewel. The best proof is that since I have it I used the Takahashi four times: twice to compare it to the Supermaser and twice for observations with friends (one of them broke his leg and couldn’t reach the eyepiece with the Supermaser).

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