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ISTAR 2-inch Dielectric Diagonal

Jun 29 2010 01:13 PM | atelierbks in Accessories

The ISTAR’s outstanding quality was its construction and price/performance ratio. Its thicker mirror, drawtube baffle, low-scatter interior, and quality of metal finishing testifies that it was custom-designed and custom-produced. How ISTAR does this for $89.00 is beyond me.

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Hubble 5-star Artificial Stars

Apr 02 2010 10:11 AM | Mr. Bill in Accessories

It resembles a small flashlight (takes 3 AAA batteries) with an off/on pushbutton switch and has a metal mask with 5 precision pinholes (50/100/150/200/250 microns) and a white LED aligned to each pinhole. You can select the

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Anderson PowerPole Conectors

Mar 22 2010 07:27 AM | Midnight Dan in Accessories

What are you using to connect your 12V power to your mount, your dew heaters, your cameras? Automotive cigarette lighter connectors? I thought so!

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Starlight Instruments Motorized Focus Control System for the Feather Touch 3545 Focuser

Feb 19 2010 07:42 AM | Guest in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

My goal was to achieve a finer degree of focus control for imaging than the 3545 was able to provide manually on my TEC 140. The 3545 is superb for visual use. It is much more difficult to come to a tight focus with high magnification and narrow FOV in planetary CCD imaging because

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Jasper APC Laser

Jan 07 2010 06:24 AM | Ps191 in Accessories

The APC is a 'pen' style laser that is made from some type of metal (my guess is painted brass) and comes with a protective plastic case that has a separate compartment for the batters, for when the laser is not in use

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Atlas/Skywatcher EQ-6 Replacement Saddle

Jan 06 2010 11:50 AM | jcely7 in Accessories

The Atlas/Skywatcher EQ-6 is well known as a heavy duty mount on a budget. However, it comes standard with a saddle that only accepts the vixen style dovetail. It you wanted to mount the 3" wide losmandy type dovetail, you were forced to buy

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Celestron Power Tank

Jan 06 2010 11:43 AM | jcely7 in Accessories

The power tank is a must have accessory for any power-hunger set up. It has two cigarette-lighter 12v outputs, a 3v output, 6v output, and 9v output, a low power flashlight with a removable red cap, and an

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TeleGizmo Telescope Cover

Jan 06 2010 11:36 AM | jcely7 in Accessories

I originally bought this scope cover when i was hauling a 10” newtionian on a 1970's star-liner mount down the stairs from my room and out into my back yard each night when i came home for the weekends.

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Telrad Finder

Jan 06 2010 11:14 AM | jcely7 in Accessories

The aspect of zero magnification can serve multiple purposes. The first is that it can quickly get you in the general area of your

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Hirsch SCT Focal Reducer

Jan 06 2010 11:09 AM | jcely7 in Accessories

I cannot tell the difference between the Hirsch SCT f/6.3 focal reducer and the more expensive Meade and Celestron versions. I bought the Hirsh used on CN for

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