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AWR Synchronous Motor RA Drive Corrector

Jan 05 2010 07:36 AM | Rick K in Accessories

As an old-timer, I still use telescopes with 120 VAC synchronous RA motor drives. As a recently born-again digital astrophotographer, I still need to have a way to control the RA drive

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Catsperch and Harford Homemade Observing Chairs

Dec 29 2009 08:23 AM | atnbirdie in Accessories

You can buy a ready-made chair of course, but if you enjoy making things yourself I’m going to introduce you to two models that I’ve made and found to be very good pieces of equipment. Both are wooden and

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The Night Sky Original 2-Sided Planisphere

Dec 29 2009 07:42 AM | Guest in Accessories

If you are a complete beginner like I was you will realize that this is very easy and requires no compass of course. About a minute into your first observing session you will be able to

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Telrad Finder

Dec 28 2009 11:21 AM | Guest in Accessories

I'll start by saying I'm new to astronomy. I attended a local astronomy club meeting last month and one of the members was nice enough to

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Smart Astronomy Smart Seat II

Dec 28 2009 11:09 AM | stargazertony in Accessories

It is really very sturdy, and is extremely lightweight and comfortable. I have seen other observing chairs but they

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Astro Chair

Dec 28 2009 08:42 AM | pogobbler in Accessories

In my search for good, adjustable seating, I came across many options, from diy projects to folding metal chairs, to

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Optical Tools to Get “Up Close and Personal” with Bugs, Plants and Rock...

Dec 28 2009 08:02 AM | Jay_Bird in Accessories

I want to share some experiences with optical tools that bridge the gap between distance viewing and microscopy. These offer a lot of natural history appreciation on clear or cloudy days, and cloudy nights

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Rigel QuickFinder

Dec 28 2009 07:22 AM | leocardenas in Accessories

First impressions were not good. I thought that something made of plastic like that could not be good at all. I also turned it on and could not even

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Celestron Anti-Vibration Pads

Dec 28 2009 06:56 AM | Midnight Dan in Accessories

I was a bit skeptical about plunking down $60 for what appeared to be 3 hockey pucks, but my scope is a Celestron 8SE which does get a little shaky at high magnifications so I thought I'd

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11 5/16 Inch Byers RA Drive Gear Set

Dec 24 2009 07:09 AM | Rick K in Accessories

As an old timer, my reaction was to turn the the most trusted name in telescope drives, Ed Byers. However, I had visited Byers shop in Barstow, CA about 10 years prior and he told me he was on the cusp of retirement, so I didn't know if I could

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