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Celestron Red LED Flashlight

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Celestron variable brightness dual red LED astronomer's flashlight is an essential item to astronomy. A red light is essential to keeping your eyes adjusted to the dark sky but still allows you to see and read things.

This flashlight has two important features: a strap and the variable brightness. The strap lets you hang it on your neck without having to take it out and put it back into your pocket. The variable brightness allows you to adjust the light to exactly how you want it.

One bad thing about this is the price. In my opinion, it is expensive for such a low-tech device made of plastic. Another bad thing is that this flashlight requires that you hold it up with one hand so you cannot do something else that requires two hands. For example, setting up the telescope or flipping through pages of an astronomy book while holding up the light is a little hard.

If you can afford a little bit more, look into purchasing a headlamp instead. Petzl makes LED headlamps with red filters that you can use. If you want something a little bit simpler, the Celestron variable brightness dual red LED flashlight is perfect.


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