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HoTech Laser Collimator

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The HOTECH Self Centering Adapter (SCA) 2 inch Laser Collimator does work as advertised on my Orion XT10i Dobsonian telescope. I’ve had this scope for a couple of months and noticed one evening that defocusing on stars left a slightly oblong image – my scope was failing the star test. HOTECH claims their rubber washer based pressure insert always puts the laser in the proper position and since the hold-down screw in the focuser isn’t used, the laser consistently and accurately gets located in the center of the focuser every time it’s inserted. I found this to be true. But, I also found that my laser came with the laser beam off center. A simple rotation test of the HOTECH (mounted in a makeshift holder off the scope) showed the beam wobbled in about a 1 inch circle on a scotch-taped target 16 feet away on the wall. The instructions left me wondering how to adjust the laser. A cosmetic ring just back from the viewing window unscrews revealing 3 small Allen head alignment screws. A few minutes spent adjusting these screws got it lined up perfectly. Now that the laser itself is centered, I consistently get excellent results collimating the XT10i. Star test are now right on. I’ve been looking at the stars from my back porch on the Magothy River near Annapolis Maryland where the sky does suffer from some light pollution but the southeast sky is usually dark enough for excellent deep sky observations. All the adults and kids in the neighborhood love to come over on clear nights. The Moon and Jupiter are big attractions of course. Now that I've introduced them all to deep sky objects many can't wait for the new Moon. A collimated scope makes a big difference at the eyepiece -- my favorite is the Televue Panoptic 35 -- but that's a different review.


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