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Orion RedBeam II Flashlight

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This is the first review I have done for cloudy nights. I am new to the field of astronomy and decided that one of the first things I would need is a good light to read charts and my planisphere. I settled on the Orion RedBeam II because it had two leds and a brightness control which enhanced its use in variety of situations. The flashlight is not much bigger than the single 9 volt battery that powers it and has handy lanyard to hang it around your neck when it not in use. In general I find this to be a very helpful tool to have;

  • Small and lightweight
  • Fairly rugged
  • Uniform illumination
  • Good battery life
  • ON my sample the switch was recessed too far into the body of the flashlight. This made it difficult to turn it off and on and adjust the brightness. I fixed this by wedging a tin piece of cardboard in between the case and the internal circuit board. This caused the switch to protrude further .
  • Although the light has good battery life it would be very handy to have an auto off feature so the batteries will not drain when the light is not in use.


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