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Telrad Finder

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I'll start by saying I'm new to astronomy. I attended a local astronomy club meeting last month and one of the members was nice enough to let me play with his xt10 while he went to look at another one. I decided to look at the moon first. I tried using the 9x50 finder scope and had a very hard time finding it. After about 10 minutes I finally got the scope centered on the moon. Soon after that I let someone else look though the scope. When they were done I took another look only to find they had bumped the scope and the moon was no longer visible. Frustrated with the thought of using the finder scope again I decided to try and sight down the tube. That is when I noticed the Telrad. The red circles made me think of red dot sights I've used on rifles so I knew right away what it was. I quickly centered the moon in the center circle and then looked through the eyepiece. There was the moon just as it had been before. I then looked up and saw Jupiter. I moved the scope and centered the Telrad on it and then looked through the eyepiece. Jupiter was dead center with four moons visible.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to find objects with the Telrad. It is much easier to use than a normal finder scope. I would recommend anyone getting into astronomy to get one with their first telescope.


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