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Astronomical Filters

Orion 1.25" Variable Polarizing Telescope Filter

Dec 29 2009 06:41 AM | Guest in Astronomical Filters

The Orion Variable Polarizing Filter makes viewing the moon a more pleasurable experience. Unlike a neutral density filter that

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Zhumell SEE IT ALL Telescope Filter Set

Dec 28 2009 12:00 PM | Lord Beowulf in Astronomical Filters

The Zhumell SEE IT ALL Telescope Filter Set consists of four filters, a Sky-Glow filter, a UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter, an O-III filter, and a

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Baader Neodymium Moon and Skyglow Filter

Dec 17 2009 07:35 AM | Robert Piekiel in Astronomical Filters

Like it’s name suggests, this filter also helps the view of deep-sky objects in moonlight, something that other filters

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Zhummel See It All Filter Set

Dec 11 2009 11:15 AM | Guest in Astronomical Filters

The first thing I looked at was Jupiter with my 2" 30 mm eye piece which provides 50X power. . First I looked at it with

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Astronomik LRGB Type IIc Filters

Dec 11 2009 07:30 AM | dsnay in Astronomical Filters

I have been using an Astronomik H-a filter for narrowband imaging in my Meade DSI-Pro cameras for over a year. I recently added

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Lab Test and First Light Report of 2" Zhumell Filter Set

Oct 30 2009 06:15 AM | Guest in Astronomical Filters

My interest in astronomy started when I was 15 and saw Haley¡¯s comet through a pair of Bushnell binos. I had always wanted to buy a telescope but growing up in light and particulate polluted Bombay (now Mumbai), I gave up all notions of pursuing the hobby

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Filter Performance Comparisons

Oct 05 2006 06:05 AM | David Knisely in Astronomical Filters

The following is a summary report of visual observations of emission nebulae comparing the performance of various filters intended for such objects.

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Orion's 2" OIII Filter

Feb 20 2006 02:50 AM | StarStuff1 in Astronomical Filters

LPR, or Light Pollution Reduction filters block the most common wavelengths of the light glow we often call “light pollution”. Most of this offending light falls in the visible spectrum from 550 to 630 nanometers. LPR

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Mars Filter Comparison

Nov 18 2005 02:25 AM | square_peg in Astronomical Filters

The following is taken from a post in the beginners forum based on an observing report on the morning of 09-08-05

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Baader Planeterium Moon & Skyglow Filter

Mar 29 2005 03:34 AM | Dave Novoselsky in Astronomical Filters

Markus just sent me a rather interesting item on the basis of, "test it, and if you like it, keep it and send me a check. If you don't like it, send it back to me." The sheet that accompanied the small box says this is a "BAADER PLANETARIUM MOON & SKYGLOW FILTER." The literature says that it is a 1.25" filter designed to thread into a standard 1.25" eyepiece and "not a simple colored filter" but a "selective contrast filter" intended to block "in the visual spectral ranges" light from sky and street lighting. It is also said to increase contrast on lunar and planetary observing but preserve "bright-dark contrast." Markus said that, unlike most color filters, this filter is optical glass, not simple colored glass, and has "flat-parallel polished surfaces."

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