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Zhummel See It All Filter Set

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This is a review of the Zhummel See It All filter set. The set consists of a Zhummel moon and sky glow filter, an OIII filter, an UHC filter and a Polarizing filter. The cost was around $150 for the set

My observing location is in Houma Louisiana which has moderately severe light pollution, especially if looking towards the center of town. I started observing about 07:30 PM, central time. The wind was probably below 5 MPH and it was about 65* when I started observing. I used my Zhummell Z12, 12 inch dobsonian telescope to test the filters.

The first thing I looked at was Jupiter with my 2" 30 mm eye piece which provides 50X power. . First I looked at it with out any filters. I could see the banding of the clouds pretty clearly, but not with any kind of definition between the bands. I then put the Zhummell moon and sky glow filter on. This made the bands pop right out and increased the definition between the bands. I then looked through the OIII filter, just because I could, and found out it was not as good. I them switched out the 2” eye piece for my 1 ¼”. I put the filter on the adapter and started observing. Each eye pieced worked well and increased detail as I increased power. The only problem I encountered was with my 9mm Zhummell eye piece, this one provided 166X. The problem was the barrel contacted the filter when placed in the adapter. I don’t know if this will happen with other brands or not, I’ll have to be careful with other eye pieces,

I found the Ring Nebula next with the moon and sky glow filter in. I took the filter out and the Ring Nebula was just barley visible, I put the moon and sky glow filter back in and it was a lot more noticeable. The OIII filter really made it pop right out as did the UHC filter.

The last thing I looked at was the moon of course. For this I used the polarizing filter. This worked really well and made objects on the moon really pop out. Also it made the background really dark which gave it a photo quality.

Other than the little problem with that 9mm eye piece, I thought the filters worked really well and I am pleased. I can’t wait until the moon is not so bright to see what else I can find.


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