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BIPH - A Tour of the Invisible Universe

Dec 29 2009 07:15 AM | StarryHost in Binoviewers

BIPH is a generation 3 military night vision device that has been ingeniously adapted for astronomical use. It uses a barrel which fits into any two inch focuser and

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Antares Binoviewer vs. TeleVue Bino Vue - PoorBoy vs. the Prince

Dec 22 2009 10:10 AM | QS3000 in Binoviewers

Recently I had the chance to test two binoviewers, the Antares 1.25-inch binocular eyepiece holder and the TeleVue Bino Vue with 2X amplifier, a piece of hardware that many amateur astronomers dream

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Earthwin PFS-B Binoviewer

Sep 02 2009 06:54 AM | altair1956 in Binoviewers

At NEAF in 2008, I purchased a new PFS-B binoviewer from Earthwin optical to use with my 16" scope. This is the unit that has the 3X power switches and the ability to slide 2 different filters in and out, one at a time

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Denkmeier Filter Switch

Aug 16 2007 04:37 AM | Snaproll in Binoviewers

Denkmeier Filter Switch

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Denkmeier Power x Switch Diagonal

Mar 06 2007 01:44 AM | Guest in Binoviewers

I was going through the diagonal reviews and found that no one has done a review on the Denkmeier line of switch diagonals.

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Siebert 0.6X OCA for SCT

Jan 23 2006 02:09 AM | suphotpu in Binoviewers

This is my personal experience with Siebert 0.6X OCA that I would like to share with you.

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Siebert Black Night Binoviewer

Dec 30 2005 02:53 AM | Manuel Reyes in Binoviewers

I am having a lot of fun with this binoviewer while I wait for my 45mm Elite to be finished so heres my story.

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Vernonscope Bino-Viewer Outfit

Nov 19 2005 06:27 AM | Chris Lord in Binoviewers

To compliment my TEC140APO and enhance my visual H-alpha work I decided to invest in a high quality bino-viewer

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First Light with a Burgess Optics Binoviewer

Sep 28 2005 07:06 AM | Guest in Binoviewers

One of my apprehensions regarding binoviewing was the statement that some people have trouble merging the two images. I was also apprehensive about the ease of centering the eyepieces in their drawtubes. As it turns out, I am apparently one of those people who don't have trouble merging images.

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2" Siebert Black Knight Binoviewer

Mar 28 2005 01:17 PM | Guest in Binoviewers

Imagine a Celestron 14" aperture SCT GoTo scope with XLT coatings, Fastar compatibility, all on Celestron's German Equatorial Mount. Now mix in Harry Siebert's 40mm 2" Black Knight Binoviewers, a set of Harry's 2" 34mm wide-view eyepieces, a .4 reducer/corrector, a "multimag" that when used with the reducer/corrector will go to 1.5-2x magnification, and when not used with the reducer/corrector will go to 2-2.5 x magnification, and finally add to all that two 22mm Naglers (honest!) for use in the binos, which I acquired from the fine folks at Anacortes.

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