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Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths

Editors Note: Neither Cloudy Nights nor authors takes responsibility for any problems that may occur from the cleaning articles posted here. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer or reseller for confirmation that it will work with your optics. There are far too many types of optics and coatings for either the author or Cloudy Nights to be absolutely sure it won't affect your optics in some way.

"Where have you been all my life!"

This was my reaction after using the Zeiss Pre-Moistened lens cloths for the first time. It was so simple and convienent I was utterly surprised that someone hadn't thought of these before. So what is a Zeiss Pre-Moistened lens cloth? Find below two explanations;

1. Zeiss' explanation from the packaging

Pre-moistened, non-abrasive lens cloths safely and quickly clean any lens, especially those with Zeiss anti-reflective multi-layer coatings. High-tech, ammonia-free formula cleans effectively without leaving streaks or residue. Designed for single use Convenient cleaning of:

  • Prescriptions eyeglasses
  • Scopes and binoculars
  • Anti_reflective Zeiss ET Coatings
  • Sun and sport lenses
  • Computer screens
  • Camera lenses

2. Allister's explanation after several uses:

It's an optical wet-wipe.


That's right, it's basically an optical wet-wipe. Each box comes with 21 individually packaged toilette sized lens cloths that are impregneted with a modest amount of Zeiss lens cleaning fluid. Simply tear the foil packaging where it is knotched, unfold the lens cloth and start wiping your favorite optical surface (make sure you blow off any solid matter from the lens surface first). Nothing could be simpler.

Prior to writing this, I tore open my 6th package of lens cloth (I've been happily cleaning different optics all week) and cleaned the 5 eyepieces you see in the picture. Total time? Under 5 minutes. The lens cloth leaves a very slight amount of fluid on the optical surface which evaporates within 3-4 seconds. Each of the eyepieces pictured came away clean and streak-free.


There are only 2 drawbacks I can think of. The first is these cloths dry out very quickly. After 5 minutes you have a completely dry lens cloth on your hands. This makes sense as the packaging states these cloths contain isopropanol. Secondly, using these cloths may encourage folks to rub the optical surfaces rather hard. While modern multi-coatings are reported to be extremely tough, it makes sense to be prudent and wipe with gentle strokes.

I purchased mine from Astronomics and am unsure if they are sold anywhere else.


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