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Dew Heaters and Controllers

TeleGizmos Finder Covers

May 25 2006 02:45 AM | David E in Dew Heaters and Controllers

Two new accessory covers from TeleGizmos.

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Dew-Not Aren't Your Typical Heater Straps

Mar 09 2005 03:10 PM | Guest in Dew Heaters and Controllers

Have you ever used a product and always thought that although it was good, there could be something better? I have. One of those things has been my dew heater setup. Although it works, I always wished there was something just a little more economical both monetarily, and from a power consumption standpoint.<

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Bustin' Dew for Good with The Dew BUSTER

Mar 09 2005 02:56 PM | rmollise in Dew Heaters and Controllers

Many a promising Summer observing session has been ruined over the years by fogged, dripping, dew-SLIMEY optics! But with the release of the Dew Buster Controller I've gone nuclear in my war against midnight optics baths!

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