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JMI Track-N-Train

Dec 29 2009 07:57 AM | detscorn in Dobsonian Mount Accessories

The motors are powered by a supplied 12V battery which easily fixes to the inside of the rocker box. This keeps the battery secure and out of the way. The motors are all controlled by

Author name: Frank Etscorn
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Round Table Platforms

Jun 27 2005 10:03 AM | Dave Chadsey in Dobsonian Mount Accessories

As an unrepentant star hopper I love using my Dobsonian scopes to "hunt down" the faint patches of light we know as galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.

Author name: David Chadsey
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Pulling Rings

Mar 11 2005 05:23 AM | Guest in Dobsonian Mount Accessories

Recently introduced by DBA Astronomy Products (of Auburn, MI), the pulling rings are designed to replace the small nylon loupes that are used to help stretch out the springs on Guan Sheng made dobs sold by Hardin (which DBA also sell), Hand on Optics, Oceanside Photo and Telescope, Kahn Scope and the older Orion XT scopes. They retail for $5.95 per pair plus shipping.

Author name: Jason Blaschka
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