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8x40 Orion Illuminated Finder Scope

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I was looking for an upgrade to the Celestron Red Dot Star pointer that comes standard on many of their scopes. Having only been in a novice learning phase, I knew there had to be a better alternative to align the scope with a greater degree of accuracy. With a few weeks of research, I decided to give the Orion a try. Installation was simple with adding an Orion dovetail base which fit perfectly in the place of the red dot pointer. Installation took less than 5 minutes. It includes a tensioner and 2 alignment screws. These all fit nicely into a precut groove in the scope. Focusing is accomplishing by unscrewing a lock ring and turning the objective lens. The last step is installing the wireless illuminator.

Alignment was fairly simple and the red crosshairs made pinpoint accuracy easy. The scope sits well above the tube, and has greatly reduced my neck and eye strain. I am to align without removing my eyeglasses as it has a good eye relief level.

In the field, the unit was very stable and held the alignment through the night. The illumination aided greatly in pinpoint accuracy that I was looking for to use the scope for astrophotography shooting direct with a t-mount and a Canon DSLR.

  • Although easy to do, the finder scope must be removed when transporting the scope to prevent possible damage
  • When reinstalling, alignment will drift slightly, and a fine tuning is necessary.
  • If the tension spring is inadvertently pressed, the scope can turn in its base, and a new alignment must be performed.
Despite the minor realignment issues, the scope is far superior in accuracy, ease of use, and comfort to the standard Celestron red dot pointer


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