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Focusers (Electric and Manual)

Starlight Instruments Motorized Focus Control System for the Feather Touch 3545 Focuser

Feb 19 2010 07:42 AM | Guest in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

My goal was to achieve a finer degree of focus control for imaging than the 3545 was able to provide manually on my TEC 140. The 3545 is superb for visual use. It is much more difficult to come to a tight focus with high magnification and narrow FOV in planetary CCD imaging because

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JMI EV-1NM Focuser

Dec 29 2009 08:12 AM | detscorn in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

The focuser arrived in great condition and was packed extremely well. The focuser was basically encased in soft foam. I was hoping to just be able to unscrew my old focuser and replace it with this one, but

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GSO Crayford Focuser for Reflectors - Dual Speed "Low Profile" with 10:1 Microfocuser

Dec 28 2009 10:06 AM | stargazertony in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

The focuser arrived to me well packed and I was pleased to see it really has a nice feel and finish, better than I had expected. The focuser and

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GSO Crayford 10:1 Dual Speed Focuser

Dec 23 2009 09:49 AM | John E.M. in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

I bought a GSO Crayford 10:1 Duel Speed Focuser recently as an upgrade to the stock Rack & Pinion Focuser that came with my Refractor

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SmartAstronomy 10:1 2" Crayford Style Focuser (SCT Style)

Dec 18 2009 08:34 AM | snogeez in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

Upon receipt I was pleasantly surprised. The unit came very well packed, with a shaped foam rubber block that has since been transferred into my accessory box. The unit has

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Moonlite Focuser - Work of Art or Functional Instrument?

Dec 18 2009 08:28 AM | Mike Baker in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

By way of introduction I am an amateur astronomer from Van Buren, Arkansas whose interest in astronomy started with a basic astronomy class in the mid-70's while

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Orion 2" Rack and Pinion Focuser

Dec 17 2009 11:42 AM | Zamboni in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

When it comes to finding components for amateur telescope making, some areas of the market are burdened with an embarrassment of riches while others are anemic when it comes to options available to the consumer

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Moonlight CR2 Dual Rate Tri-knob and Universal Install Kit

Dec 11 2009 06:59 AM | Diek in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

I have been using an Orion XT10i for several years now. As much as I love the scope overall, focusing with the stock focuser has always been a pain

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GSO Low Profile 2-Speed Focuser with Rigel Systems N-Focus Electronic Focusing

Dec 10 2009 06:13 AM | voliton in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

I have a 10", f 4.7 Newtonian I custom built for astrophotography with the primary mirror pushed forward 2 inches to give more in-focus

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JMI EV 1R Focuser

Dec 09 2009 07:32 AM | Guest in Focusers (Electric and Manual)

The optics on my Vixen ED80Sf refractor were sufficient for my wide-field imaging needs, but I soon found that the weight of my Canon 40D DSLR was too much for the stock Crayford focuser

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