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Stellarvue Enhanced 2" Dielectric Diagonal - D1029ED

Dec 29 2009 06:47 AM | Guest in Star Diagonals

As with most telescope "connoisseurs", I have fallen prey to purchasing another telescope, even though the one I have more than adequately serves my purposes. During a

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Stellarvue 1.25" 90 Degree Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

Dec 29 2009 06:39 AM | stargazertony in Star Diagonals

I purchased the Stellarvue 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal to replace the stock prism diagonal that came with my 102mm Orion Apex Maksutov and for use in my

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Astro-Physics Maxbright 2" Diagonal

Dec 23 2009 10:25 AM | pogobbler in Star Diagonals

The first impression one gets of this diagonal is of its very high quality. The body is machined from a single piece of aluminum so neither of the tube portions of the diagonal can

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Asronomy Technologies 1.25 " Dielectric Diagonal model #AT1D

Dec 17 2009 10:25 AM | glenngds in Star Diagonals

This Astro-Tech diagonal performs exceptionally well. It is a much better quality than the two Orion diagpnals I have owned and the difference is not just marginal. The Astro-Tech is brighter, more

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Improving Refractor Performance with a Prism Diagonal

Aug 28 2008 02:59 AM | Clive Gibbons in Star Diagonals

One of the most important accessories that refractor owners use is a star diagonal. It allows observers to comfortably look through their instruments

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William Optics 45-deg Erecting Prism

Apr 04 2006 02:03 AM | Silicon Owl in Star Diagonals

Out of focus stars seemed a little odd but I couldn't quite determine what was wrong, in focus the stars were sharp until near the edge, but that I expected with the short focal length telescope

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Borg Quadruple Eyepiece Turret

Mar 13 2005 07:19 AM | Dave Novoselsky in Star Diagonals

Borg is (incorrectly) tarred with the image of producing scopes with plastic tubes, etc. Well, as I pointed out in my review of their 125 ED, Borg builds a light, but high quality product. One item that is, however, produced in plastic, but for light weight and to cut down on expense, is the quadruple eyepiece turret they sell that works on their telescopes and, with adapters they sell, on most others as well. Cost? About $100 with the appropriate adapter.

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Mar 12 2005 12:37 PM | Dave Novoselsky in Star Diagonals

One item of convenience that I stumbled on lately cruising through the latest Takahashi price list is their Quintuplet Turret Holder. It is pictured below, basically five 1.25" (or they will set it up for a mixture of 1.25 and .965 if you want - most are special orders) compression ring eyepiece holders that rotate around the Takahahsi "Large Prism Diagonal" and designed to screw into the 2" back of a Takahashi refractor. It comes with (if you ask) a universal adapter which, as you can see in the photos, will work in the 2" adapter of the AP scopes (the one pictured in my 130f6) and also works in my TMB and Televues.

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Tele Vue Diagonals: Old and New

Mar 12 2005 12:27 PM | Guest in Star Diagonals

The new Tele Vue diagonal is one of those things that you "must" have. Why? Because it's got a "dielectric" coating covering the aluminum on the pyrex mirror. The coating, which Tele Vue calls, "Everbright" is the latest incarnation of a coating applied to other diagonals such as Astro-Physic's "Maxbright" unit.

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Takahashi 2" Star Diagonal

Mar 12 2005 12:24 PM | Dave Novoselsky in Star Diagonals

In my recent efforts to adapt the FS-60C Takahashi APO to work with my favorite 2" eyepieces, as detailed in the review of the so-called "Novoselsky adapter" elsewhere in this section of this site, I acquired a Takahahsi 2" Star Diagonal.

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