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Asronomy Technologies 1.25 " Dielectric Diagonal model #AT1D

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I own a Astro-Tech 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal. This Astro-Tech diagonal performs exceptionally well. It is a much better quality than the two Orion diagpnals I have owned and the difference is not just marginal. The Astro-Tech is brighter, more contrasty and made of better material than the two Orion diagonals. I use this diagonal with a C5 spotter. This diagonal will work with any cassegrain type or refractor type telescope that has a 1.25 inch eypiece holder. The view through this diagonal is upright but reversed from left to right, so is inapropriate for most daytime use. If your are doing any night-time astronomy at all, then I would get this as an upgrade to almost any Celestron/Meade Telescope that comes with a 1.25 inch diagonal.


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