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Garrett Optical 15x70 Signature Series Binoculars

Jan 06 2010 09:01 AM | Lujo in 70mm Binoculars

Coatings looked impeccable and oculars were in perfect shape. Something I can’t say for the pair of

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Under Dark Skies? Put on your "Night Glasses"

Jan 06 2010 06:31 AM | Jay_Bird in 50-60mm Binoculars

A binocular with a large exit pupil, traditionally 7mm or even a bit larger, intended to fill the fully-dilated dark-adapted eye of the observer, may be called a "night glass". Such a large, 7mm exit pupil is

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Burgess Optical 25x100 Binoculars

Jan 05 2010 08:24 AM | spazmore in 100mm and Larger Binoculars

The case that the Burgess pair came with is vinyl/pleather covered with a combo zipper/velcro closure and has some padding and stiffness. You wouldn't want to drop them while they're in this case, but it's good for

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Pentax PCF Binocular Lineup

Dec 29 2009 07:32 AM | highdesertsky in 50-60mm Binoculars

This is a review of the suitability of these binoculars for astronomy purposes, as well as for daytime viewing. These are all reasonably priced porro-prism glasses, rugged, fairly ergonomic (more on that later)

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Simmons Redline 10x50 Binoculars WA Model 801302

Dec 28 2009 10:53 AM | Patricko in 50-60mm Binoculars

Handheld low-power binoculars are the ultimate grab and go tool for any serious stargazer. Jogging back almost 4 years ago my

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Celestron 20x80 Binoculars

Dec 28 2009 07:30 AM | pogobbler in 80mm - 90mm Binoculars

The binoculars arrived well packed and I was impressed by the size and quality of the case that came with them. I wouldn't toss it in a lake or run over it with a truck, but

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Tasco 7x35 Binocular

Dec 28 2009 06:36 AM | Guest in Under 50mm

The coatings on the objective and eyepiece lenses show a subtle bluish purple hue. The objective lenses are recessed 9mm from the front ends of the barrels. This might help as light baffles. The inter-pupilary distance can be

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Celestron Ultima DX 9x63 Binoculars

Dec 23 2009 09:03 AM | Lujo in 50-60mm Binoculars

Desiring a binocular that would be good for handheld astronomical observation and for "owling" at dusk, I chose the Celestron 9x63 Ultima Binoculars at just over

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Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

Dec 22 2009 11:40 AM | nebulizer982 in 70mm Binoculars

There are two models often used in astronomy, roof prisms or Porro prisms binoculars. Roof prisms are more modern and have a

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Garrett Optical 20x90 WP Binoculars

Dec 22 2009 06:45 AM | Guest in 80mm - 90mm Binoculars

The binoculars arrived very well packed in their foam lined case inside a box with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Questions and correspondence with Garrett Optical were

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