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Tasco Zip 7x50 Binoculars

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Please, keep in mind I am not a pro. My measurements and eye relief specs are just estimates. I bought these on ebay for 12 bucks. Black vinyl pebble finish with cheesy strap and vinyl padded case. My weight of 32 OZ is a guess but they are pretty heavy so I would guess they are aluminum. They are fully coated which means (I assume) that all glass has at least one coating. Even though they are old (probably mid 70's) the focusing knob worked great. I am pretty astigmatic on my right side but the right diopter setting worked well. Focus doesn't seem to "drift". The image was better than I expected. Fairly clear with if somewhat washed out. Near focus was about 4 yards, so around 12' or just under 4 Meters. I know 7x50 usually have some abberations on the edges but for the life of me I could only make out about 10% on the outside. That impressed me. Low light gathering seemed pretty good, for a cheap binoc. Color of some robins in my yard were just a bit dull. There are fold down rubber eyecups but I couldn't get the whole field with my glasses on. I would estimate about 30% reduction in field with my glasses on. So these are not very good for spectacles wearers.Stated field of view on the binocs is 120m@1000m. But these are cool old traditional porros and even though the color problems and eye relief problems left something to be desired, I am still pretty impressed with these heavy $12 binocs. Not bad for the price, better for terrestrial viewing than for celestial viewing. If you are broke, then you cant beat the price, if you have $100 bucks you'll see alot more with a pair of new nikons, I'm sure.


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