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70mm Binoculars

Garrett Optical 15x70 Signature Series Binoculars

Jan 06 2010 09:01 AM | Lujo in 70mm Binoculars

Coatings looked impeccable and oculars were in perfect shape. Something I can’t say for the pair of

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Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

Dec 22 2009 11:40 AM | nebulizer982 in 70mm Binoculars

There are two models often used in astronomy, roof prisms or Porro prisms binoculars. Roof prisms are more modern and have a

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71mm Miyauchi Saturn II Binoculars

Apr 08 2005 02:37 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

In the specific field of binoculars for astronomy , Miyauchi is a name with a reputation for good design and performance. During spring of 2003 , for the purpose of undertaking a review on behalf of the astronomy magazine for which I carry out instrument testing along with other amateur

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Fujinon 10x70 and Sky Window Mount

Mar 22 2005 12:19 PM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

The Fujinon 10 x 70's with the SkyWindow have been a wonderful purchase. Together, these have added a new dimension to sky-watching that I have never experienced through any of my telescopes or even via hand-held binoculars. The eye relief is incredible, but almost too much. you must get the width of the bino's adjust just right, or you get the 'black-out' effect. But when they are set right, you get that airy-floating in space feeling looking at the stars. It's something you must experience to understand.

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Pro-Optic 11x70 Binoculars

Mar 16 2005 09:05 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

My wonderful wife gave me a pair of Pro-Optic 11X70s last night as an "appreciation gift" (I've been kinda nice lately). These are the binoculars I wanted, at least given the price.

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Pro Optics 11 x 70 Binoculars

Mar 16 2005 09:01 AM | Phil Barker in 70mm Binoculars

I've always maintained a keen observer needs a good pair of binoculars in the arsenal. For several years I've been making use of a reasonable pair of 10 x 50mm Nikon binos. They are sharp over most of the field and perform well although the edges suffer over the 6.5 degree field.

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Orion 15x70 Little Giants

Mar 16 2005 07:39 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

For quite a while, I'd been wanting a pair of medium aperture binoculars to replace my 8x-20x Minolta-EZ Zooms. The zooms have been cheap fun (on sale) for about $100.00 at the local Sports Authority a couple of years ago) but after I got to use a friend's pair of Fujinon 10x70s in Arizona... well, what can I say. My Minolta Zoom days were numbered after that.

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Oberwerk 11x70mm Binoculars

Mar 16 2005 07:34 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

We have all gotten aperture fever at one time or another, and I am no exception to this, it was due to an accident (crushing a disc in my back) that I decided it was time to go a different route. It was time to downsize. I started by doing the usual amount of research, reading everything I could lay my eyes on. I started on Cloudy Nights reading article after article. I tried to tell myself that a small scope would be the answer, maybe a Televue Pronto or possibly a William Optics Megrez 80. Well these definitely did not do the trick, I was still looking for an easy to set up and easy to use system. It then dawned on me, a friend of mine had shown me a pair of binoculars once and I had really enjoyed the view. I thought why not look at the binoculars that were available, and and see if this would do the trick. I then set out on the quest for the perfect binos.

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Oberwerk 11 x 70

Mar 16 2005 07:31 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

A few months ago a pair of 9x63mm binoculars that I had for a number of years were broken. I debated getting them repaired as it would cost more to repair them than they were worth. Then a friend of mine showed me a pair of 8x56mm Oberwerk binoculars he had recently purchased. I was surprised after trying them out as they were lightweight and seemed very good optically, with surprisingly good sharpness, light transmission, and contrast. Plus they were relatively inexpensive. I asked if Oberwerk made larger binoculars in the 70mm range and he said they did. So I decided to check into the 70mm pair to replace my broken 9x63mm pair.

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Oberwerk 15x70 Binocular Review

Mar 16 2005 07:24 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

For a while now, I have been contemplating entering into binocular astronomy and wanted a quality general-purpose binocular that I could use for astronomy as well as daytime viewing. After much research on the Internet, I decided to go with the Oberwerk 15x70 primarily because of the cost to performance ratio expressed by other owners. After a failed attempt to acquire a used pair, I decided to purchase a new unit directly from Kevin Busarow of BigBinoculars.com a division of Oberwerk Corporation. After exchanging several pleasant and helpful emails with Kevin, I placed my order and within a few days the Oberwerk 15x70 arrived!

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