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70mm Binoculars

Nikon 18 x 70s

Mar 16 2005 07:20 AM | APM M.Ludes in 70mm Binoculars

Since I already know that the NIKON 7x50 SPs and 10x70 SPs are unbeatable and the best I have ever seen, I asked Nikon of Germany to send me for testing their new 18x70 Binocular. Last week I received them and waited for clear skies, which arrived over the past two days.

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Miyauchi 20 X 77 BS-77

Mar 15 2005 06:47 AM | Dave Novoselsky in 70mm Binoculars

Another set of big binos, and another pair of Miyauchis?: To quote my lovely and articulate wife, "you need another pair of binoculars like you need another head. And why a pair made by the company that built two pair you already found wanting?" Good point, and perhaps the best place to start this review. I love binoculars (and refractors, and Dobs, and eyepieces, and I

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Miyauchi 20x77 Exceed Binoculars

Mar 15 2005 06:44 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

Binoculars are a great way of touring the night sky, the image is the 'right way up' so it's easy to find your way about by reference to a simple star chart. Many objects are better viewed through binoculars, whether it's sweeping through rich star fields in the Milky Way or a wide-angle view of a comet's tail - in fact anything that requires more than a couple of degrees of real Field of View (FOV). Larger 'astronomical' or 'night observation' binoculars offer a different view to that of standard binoculars, they provide a brighter image revealing fainter stars, nebulae and galaxies, and usually have a slightly higher magnification which shows star clusters to better advantage. They do not replace standard binoculars which are still the best instrument for hand-held scanning at low power. General-purpose binoculars, such as 7x50 or 10x50

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Miyauchi 20 x 77 Binoculars

Mar 15 2005 06:42 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

I purchased a pair of Miyauchi 20 x 77 binoculars this past summer. They currently sell for less than $1000. I wanted an alternative to my telescope for wide field views and a more portable setup. I had previously enjoyed views through a club members Fujinon 16 x 70 as well as my own smaller Nikon 10 x 50. One big drawback for me was the difficulty of viewing with binoculars at the zenith (which is of course the best location to view objects). Unless I was laying on my back, viewing near the zenith quickly became a real pain in the neck. The fancy $200+ binocular mounts do not address this problem. Enter in the Miyauchi binoculars. With their 45' inclined turrets, viewing near the zenith is no longer a strain. I mount them on a sturdy Bogen tripod. By raising or lowering the tripod's

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Kronos 26x70 Binoculars

Mar 15 2005 06:18 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

I recently obtained a pair of these binoculars and have evaluated them during daylight and night time conditions. I am very impressed by their performance. Read on ..

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Helios 'Stellar' 15x70 Binocular

Mar 15 2005 06:17 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

On the way home from our AS meeting in early August, 2000, a friend and I stopped off in the darkest wilds of East Dorset (cue: chirping crickets, wailing hounds...) and tried out his Helios Stellar 15x70. I like! These are seriously nice binoculars for the price. The FOV (4 deg) gets a tad ragged very close to the edges but, apart from that minor inconvenience (it was unnoticeable unless I was actively looking for it) they gave nice images.

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Custom 25x70mm Binoculars

Mar 14 2005 01:13 PM | starpal in 70mm Binoculars

Historically, binoculars have been known best as more or less strictly a useful *addition* to a telescope when out under the stars or when viewing the moon. Their optical quality being something of a compromise due to their greater complexity of design and very fast achromatic objective lenses. They were a cut below when referencing what a telescope could do at a fixed lower magnification.

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Burgess 10 x 70mm Binoculars

Mar 14 2005 11:25 AM | DocGP in 70mm Binoculars

I am writing this in order to relay impressions of a recent binocular purchase. I am a fairly active amateur during the winter (3-5 1hr sessions per week), but don't do much observing in the summer due to our proximity to the gulf coast, insects, heat, humidity, etc. My interests are primarily planetary observations, however I do enjoy hunting down the occasional faint fuzzy. I have approximately 4 years of such experience, so don't consider myself anything but a basic amateur. I heard of Burgess Optical Company

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Barska 15X70 Binoculars

Mar 14 2005 11:12 AM | fototaker in 70mm Binoculars

With the increasing availability of cheap but good made-in-China optical products, the amateur astronomer is now fortunate to be able to own a variety of equipment of fair quality at affordable prices. My impressions of such products have been favourable ever since purchasing a Synta-made Skywatcher 80mm shortube refractor and some Plossls. However, the buyer still has to exercise caution, and read reviews of specific items, as there are many lemons out there among budget equipment, whatever the country of manufacture.

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JC Optics 70mm Zoom binoculars

Mar 14 2005 10:51 AM | Guest in 70mm Binoculars

I have always wanted a pair of big binoculars. I have never had the money to go Fuji so I have looked at off brands. Some folks that I respected spoke well of the 70mm Barska's available from Heartland America and from Sportsmans Guide. Since Sportsmans Guide is nominally connected to Minnesota I ordered a pair of "no name" 70mm

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