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Garrett Optical 15x70 Signature Series Binoculars

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Excellent job. The binoculars were snug in their case with extra bubble wrap. The case was bubble wrapped, and the large shipping box filled with peanuts. Labels reading “Delicate Scientific Instruments” adorned each side of the package.

Fit and Finish

Superb! After buying and returning 2 different pairs of Celestron binoculars in part because of fit and finish problems, I was so grateful that the GO Sig 15x70s were as dapper as all the reviews had touted. Rubber armor was tight, and all markings clear and distinct. What a beautiful figure these have!

Optical Inspection

Coatings looked impeccable and oculars were in perfect shape. Something I can’t say for the pair of Celestron 15x70 Skymasters I owned for a little while before shipping them back. Those had misaligned rubber rings that seat under the outer ocular glass. The rings were hanging a bit out in the way of the ocular aperture. That, and a bubble at one of the edges of the rubber armor big enough to put a q-tip under somehow passed the quality control inspection!


Wow! A little yellow to no fringing on the waxing crescent. Examined crater Theophilus for hours in the winter night. Jupiter was sharp with no flaring and the Galilean moons were points. M13 and the Sagittarius clusters were more than blurs, but of course not much resolved, as expected for the size and power of these binoculars. Nebulae of Orion were stunning; although color was not visible, the white milky regions were highly defined. I’ve been astonished by the how beautiful yellow stars show in these Sig 15x70s. And the Pleiades are nicely framed in the FOV.

Hand Holding and Mounting

For those with strong wrists and steady fingers a bit of viewing can be enjoyable, especially when sweeping the sky. Lying back and scanning for satellites is fun with these, but I need to rest my wrists every so often – this is when I crave a pair of light, steady 10x50s. A quick look at the moon is pleasant if you’ve got your elbows braced. I’ve got the binoculars on a medium duty Bogen where they seem right at home, but I’ll be upgrading to a better head eventually. A camera head can be frustrating with its limitation of movement at extreme angles and its short handles.

All in All

The 15x70 Signature Series from Garrett Optical are a great pair of astronomical binoculars for sweeping the velvety firmament, as well as studying cosmological detail. The contrasty views are remarkable. For under 350$ you get a heck of an instrument.


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