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Under 50mm

Tasco 7x35 Binocular

Dec 28 2009 06:36 AM | Guest in Under 50mm

The coatings on the objective and eyepiece lenses show a subtle bluish purple hue. The objective lenses are recessed 9mm from the front ends of the barrels. This might help as light baffles. The inter-pupilary distance can be

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Owl Eyes 2.3 x 40 Binoculars

May 27 2008 04:21 AM | Aaron McNeely in Under 50mm

I had long been a fan of naked eye and binocular observation of the sky, and these binoculars provided a unique observing experience

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Kowa XD44 Binoculars

Feb 25 2008 04:24 AM | shiv sahni in Under 50mm

On the optical front the binocular delivers everything that Kowa promises on paper. The image is bright with excellent contrast and seems razor

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Vixen Apex Pro 8x42 Binoculars

Mar 30 2007 03:53 AM | Mark9473 in Under 50mm

It has been many years since I last owned a binocular with AFOV this narrow. My workhorse binoculars in recent years have been 8.5x44 and 20x80 from Swift, both having a 70-deg AFOV.

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Swift Audubon 8.5x44 model 804

Mar 16 2007 05:59 AM | Mark9473 in Under 50mm

When I bought my Swift 10x50 SP over 15 years ago, the Swift sales brochure clearly described the Audubon 8.5x44 (model 804) as a superior product that very much appealed to me.

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Canon 10x30 and 10x42 Image Stabilized Binoculars

Feb 21 2007 01:40 AM | Snaproll in Under 50mm

One thing that becomes painfully apparent is that Canon provides no end caps for the objective lenses! NONE! It makes you ask, "What were they thinking?" A soft plastic pouch is provided but

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Zeiss 7 x 42 B GA *T* *P* Classic Dialyt

Oct 30 2006 12:22 PM | KennyJ in Under 50mm

This model first appeared in July 1981 since when ,particularly in the first decade of existence , it gained a reputation with serious “birders” as being one of the very best binoculars ever produced

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The Zeiss Victory 10x40 B*T*P* AOS and the Leica Ultra Trinovid 10x42 BN

Mar 16 2005 09:51 AM | Guest in Under 50mm

I conducted a practical comparison of these two new, highly advanced, waterproof binoculars. First handling revealed that the Zeiss 10x40 Victory is almost a featherweight glass when compared with the Leica 10x42 BN. The difference in the hand and in wearing comfort is immediately noticeable. The user feel of both are superb, but the slightly "grabbier" texture, lighter weight, and broader holding surface on the Zeiss gives an impression of greater security. Both binoculars have broad padded neck straps. Their flexible, strap-mountable, eyepiece rain guards stayed securely in place, both in normal hiking and during removal from their respective black Napa leather protective pouches.

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