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Astronomica - Book Review

Jan 06 2010 10:28 AM | bacesp in General Interest Books

My good friend Dave recently gave me a very large and heavy hardback Astronomy book titled Astronomica. This book is

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The Moment of Creation: Big Bang Physics from Before the First Millisecond to the Present Univers...

Jan 06 2010 07:24 AM | Gmurray618 in General Interest Books

Ever wonder where it all came from? Professor Trefil has and he dose a Big, bang up job of explaining it. The book is divided into three parts

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The Sun Kings: The Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern Astronomy...

Dec 30 2009 08:46 AM | ericparish in General Interest Books

Richard Christopher Carrington was an English amateur astronomer whose 1859 observations of the sun revealed the impact of

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Half Hours with the Telescope - Book Review

Dec 29 2009 06:21 AM | Guest in General Interest Books

Proctor's book was originally published in 1868, but my edition, the thirteenth, dates back to 1902. As you might expect, the language is pretty flowery by

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Man, Atoms & Stars - A Nostalgic Book Review

Dec 28 2009 06:46 AM | Guest in General Interest Books

It was 1966 and I had just graduated from law school and passed the bar exam. As a diversion from months of immersion in law books, I set out to B. Dalton to find

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Build Your Own Telescope: Complete Plans for Five High-quality Telescopes that Anyone Can Build -...

Dec 22 2009 11:07 AM | havira in General Interest Books

Mr. Berry discusses how telescopes work, the various telescope designs, their advantages and disadvantages and an entire chapter on the important topic of

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Shooting The Sun - Book Review

Dec 22 2009 10:36 AM | havira in General Interest Books

The year is 1839 and the Somerville-Babbage Western Expedition is about to depart from Washington D.C. to points west to observe and photograph a total eclipse of the sun

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The Day We Found the Universe - Book Review

Dec 11 2009 11:20 AM | noah way in General Interest Books

It was an exciting time, technology was racing forward and everything was new: cars, airplanes, radio, world war. Each new telescope opened

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Death by Black Hole

Jun 10 2008 05:16 AM | mcoren in General Interest Books

Death By Black Hole (And Other Cosmic Quandaries)- Book Review

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Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders

Mar 20 2008 02:54 AM | Stan Lopata in General Interest Books

Book review of Illustrated Buide to Astronomomical Wonders.

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