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The Night Sky Planisphere

Jan 06 2010 07:43 AM | lemonsensation in Star Charts

This large version is about 8 inches in diameter. The text is pretty small. As someone who is new to astronomy and my need to rely on a planisphere to orient myself, I would have

Author name: John Yeung
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Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas

May 01 2006 01:41 AM | mcoren in Star Charts

The atlas is 6-1/2 x 9 inches, not exactly "pocket" size but certainly small enough to fit easily into a backpack, equipment case, or glove compartment. The atlas is wire bound so it will lay flat when open or can be easily folded

Author name: Michael Coren
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Sky Atlas 2000.0 Deluxe

Mar 14 2005 08:37 AM | EdZ in Star Charts

Sky Atlas 2000.0 in its second edition offers nearly 90,000 stars, with all positions derived from the Hipparcos database, the most accurate survey ever undertaken. The map area is 460 x 330 mm (18 by 13 inches). The author, Wil Tirion (wtirion@euronet.nl) Sky Atlas 2000.0 - Second Edition

Author name: Ed Zarenski
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Orion DeepMap 600

Mar 14 2005 07:14 AM | StarStuff1 in Star Charts

OK, before I give my review it might be a good idea to describe my ratings system. Of course it is very subjective and is based primarily on my own personal experiences with a particular product but factors in what I have read or have been told by other users of the same product.

Author name: Terry Alford
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