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Eyepiece Sets

Orion's Stratus Eyepieces - Impressions of Performance in an f/4.9 Newtonian (203mm Aperture)

Jun 16 2010 01:55 PM | desertstars in Eyepiece Sets

If you have a moderately fast Newtonian reflector and feel in need of something in the way of an eyepiece upgrade, but don’t want to wear out the credit card too quickly, consider Orion’s Stratus eyepieces.

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Zhumell Eyepiece and Filter Kit

Jan 06 2010 10:52 AM | jcely7 in Eyepiece Sets

I bought this kit as I was getting into astronomy and it increased my eyepiece collection from 2 to 6, added a barlow and got me fun filters to try. I believe this is

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Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece & Filter Set

Jan 06 2010 10:34 AM | DerekBC in Eyepiece Sets

It is hard to compare these eyepieces to anything else, since I have only owned this set of eyepieces. With that said, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. For the price, you

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Orion Q-70 Eyepiece Set

Jan 06 2010 07:37 AM | Feidb in Eyepiece Sets

I got the whole Q-70 set for Christmas in 2007. I have had a chance to put them through their paces on many occasions in 2008 and 2009 and have learned their ins and outs. The 2" format really

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Astro-Tech 1.25" Eyepiece Accessory Set with Hard Case

Dec 11 2009 11:08 AM | BDUBU in Eyepiece Sets

After using these as my primary eyepieces for well over two years now, I feel that I can actually say something useful about this eyepiece accessory kit

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Celestron 1.25" Eyepiece and Accessory Kit

Nov 11 2009 07:22 AM | Zamboni in Eyepiece Sets

he included case has a very sturdy feel to it, but I have one somewhat serious quibble. While the pre-cut foam interior includes (some) space to add additional accessories (three more eyepieces and one more filter), the foam interior is not

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Hyperion Roundup

Dec 04 2008 12:32 AM | Daniel Mounsey in Eyepiece Sets

5mm, 13mm and 17mm Hyperions

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William Optics UWAN Eyepieces

Jul 28 2006 09:34 AM | Cereso in Eyepiece Sets

The ring surrounding the eye lens showed some variance in the color. Seemed not to be by accident, as 3 out of four eyepieces were not perfect here.

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Siebert Optics eyepieces

Mar 16 2005 02:37 PM | Guest in Eyepiece Sets

I've been into astronomy for 30+ years now and have seen and used a good many different eyepieces. Being primarily a planetary observer in my early years, I used only orthos. I remember the eyepiece that I would use all the time on the 12 ½" f/10 scope, would be the Meade 12.5mm ortho. Saturn would look great through this eyepiece. A few years later, University Optics orthos caught my attention, so I bought a set and have used them since. These UO orthos were the best going eyepieces and were hard to beat. Even when using Zeiss orthos, I would always revert back to the

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A Review of Pextax XL Eyepieces (and a tiny bit of philosophy)

Mar 16 2005 02:02 PM | Guest in Eyepiece Sets

The first thing you notice about them is how big they are. They are also very heavy. Hold one up to your eye and its huge eye lens looks like a small telescope objective. "Hand grenade size chunks of optical glass" would be a fitting description. It seems impossible they could be 1¼-inch eyepieces. I have also discovered they offer top-notch performance.

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