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Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Zeiss Eyepieces on a Shoestring Budget

Jan 06 2010 11:57 AM | DOTrevino in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I was struck with aperture fever and I sold that scope in order to purchase a mirror blank and material to make my own telescope. But I kept the good eyepieces. A few months later and my 12 inch reflector saw

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GSO 50mm SuperView Eyepiece

Jan 05 2010 07:57 AM | DWJ in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

While this eyepiece is great for wide angle viewing through a 10" SCT, this is not a great eyepiece for use with

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24mm EP Eyepiece Comparison

Dec 29 2009 09:15 AM | Mike B in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Once upon a time there was a fellow with a newly acquired 10" F10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (SCT). Being the largest aperture scope he'd had the pleasure of using, and having been

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Televue Nagler 17mm Eyepiece

Dec 29 2009 08:07 AM | detscorn in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

This lens is from the classic Televue Nagler series. It is in the 2 inch format and has a focal length of 17mm. It has an 82 degree apparent field of view that gives incredibly wide views. The lens has a

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Meade 5000 UW 25mm Eyepiece

Dec 29 2009 08:03 AM | detscorn in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

This is one of my go to lens for faint objects, as it has enough power to resolve, but not too much as to dim the object. I can see much more detail in

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Owl Astronomy Products 30mm UltraWide Eyepiece

Dec 28 2009 07:36 AM | pogobbler in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

On daytime targets, the eyepiece seemed to work well with my 120mm f/5 achromatic refractor. The eye relief is given as 28mm and that seemed about right to me. The view didn't

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Explore Scientific 14MM 100 Degree Eyepiece

Dec 23 2009 09:16 AM | Guest in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I have used this eyepiece at public star parties and the reactions have been very good. People have asked why it seems like they are seeing stars everywhere in my scope while in other scopes they see only a small area of stars. Using this with m

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"Big Plossls" - Televue 55mm, Meade 4000 56mm (4-Element Design), Meade 4000 56mm (5-Elem...

Dec 22 2009 11:35 AM | BillP in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Certainly a "novelty" eyepiece in many respects by today’s standards with so many fast scopes on the market as a 55mm eyepiece produces a rather large exit pupil, these eyepieces are still very

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Siebert 26mm Super-Wide Aperture Eyepiece

Dec 22 2009 06:58 AM | djedi in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Now, I understand I might be comparing apples to oranges here, but please be aware that I am interested mostly in astrophotography of basic objects (moon, planets, some easily visible clusters and nebulae) with a point&shoot camera attached via

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Rini 30mm MPL Eyepiece

Dec 21 2009 06:16 AM | Guest in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I was looking for the a widefield lowcost scanning eyepiece for my 80mm FL 11.4 Celestron Firstscope refractor in the 1.25 eyepiece size. The eyepiece is threaded for filters unlike some

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