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Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Astro-Tech 32mm Titan Type II

Dec 18 2009 12:10 PM | pscm in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

After finally pursuing my curiosity in astronomy this summer, the requirement to upgrade from my two plossl's was evident to bring my Orion XT8 to maximum potential

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Meade 5000 34mm, GO 32mm, Scopos 30mm, Hyperion Aspheric 36mm

Dec 18 2009 08:14 AM | Midnight Dan in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I’ve seen this question come up again and again on Cloudy Nights: "What’s a good low power, wide view, eyepiece for a reasonable price?" As an owner of a long focal length SCT I’ve asked this question myself because I’d like to be able to get to lower magnifications to view some of the larger objects in

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Orion Explorer II Eyepieces

Dec 18 2009 07:50 AM | Zamboni in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Discontinued only recently, Orion’s "Explorer II' series of eyepieces served for more than a decade as their "bargain" eyepieces for beginners or astronomers on a budget. Listed in the

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Baader Planetarium Hyperion 24mm Eyepiece

Dec 17 2009 11:50 AM | twh in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Driving home the day I purchased the 24mm I started kicking myself. I realized I could have purchased the 21mm which would have given me a 32mm when the

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Televue 31mm Nagler and TeleVue 27mm Panoptic Eyepieces

Dec 15 2009 12:08 PM | admin in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

The TMB92SS with the 31mm Nagler; at 16x and with a 5 degree field, provides one of the most remarkable rich field views obtainable in portable telescopes available today.

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Zhumell 1.25" 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece

Dec 15 2009 11:37 AM | aa5te in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I’ll first talk about the mechanics of it. It arrived in a heavy duty bolt case that has "MZT8-24" stamped on it. The finish is nice, the eyecup (always up, you can’t fold it down) is soft rubber, and there is a rubber grip on the

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Baader Hyperion and Vixen LV 8-24mm Zoom Eyepieces

Dec 15 2009 09:05 AM | admin in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

With a zoom eyepiece, you get the convenience of many different focal lengths in one eyepiece. This allows you to dial in the best magnification for any object without

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14mm 100 degree Explore Scientific Eyepiece

Dec 15 2009 06:43 AM | MarkDeprest in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

Now let’s get to my initial impressions; the ES 14mm is a large 2 inch eyepiece that weighs 2 lbs; it has a clean ergonomic overall design that fits nicely in your hand with a wide nubbed rubber grip band that provides for confident handling. Since the ES 14mm is advertised as

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Celestron 23mm Axiom LX versus Meade 24mm UWA

Dec 11 2009 11:55 AM | admin in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

First a comment about the size of these eyepieces. They are BOTH huge. The Meade weights in at 29.5 oz (no surprise since this is close to Meade's stated weight). The surprise was the

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Orion Q70 2" Eyepiece

Dec 10 2009 10:09 AM | admin in Eyepieces (14mm - 55mm)

I purchased the complete set of the Orion Q70 2" eyepieces, 26mm, 32mm & 38mm, about 6-8 months ago

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