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Astro-Tech 32mm Titan Type II

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After finally pursuing my curiosity in astronomy this summer, the requirement to upgrade from my two plossl's was evident to bring my Orion XT8 to maximum potential. I believed that the dark sky's of Maine had more to offer than what the two scope manufacturer eyepieces had to offer. I do not have much experience is the astronomy world though have been researching best bang for the buck. Central Maine does not offer a heavy interest in this hobby so I have had to rely on my instincts from research. After reviewing several of the better known name brands, I elected to purchase The Astro-Tech 32mm Titan II. Not a lot of information exist though what was found was positive.

All I can say is wow!!. This has opened up a whole new world of enjoyment in viewing.

Some of the positves:
  • Very well crafted
  • Sharp crisp images over most of the viewing field
  • Eye cup is quite comfortable and after realizing the need for this on this size of eye piece I would not buy another without.
I was so impressed with the overall performance of this product that I will most likely pursue the higher power 1.25mm paradigm dual eyepieces in the near future. I may be incorrect though the average astronomer would have a hard time justifying the extra dollars spent on the name brand products when comparing to these.


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